SAPPS Chapter 59

She would either be bitten by the big fishes and forced out, or finish the task and get out of the cabin safely while being bitten by the big fishes.

Now it seemed that the first possibility was about to be realized.

But Wei San wanted to struggle a little longer.

Several fish attacked her together, which was both a dead end and a way of life. They were large, and being together, they actually gave Wei San a chance,

Wei San began to stab them. The big fishes were not vegetarians. Their mouths opened and closed, and Wei San’s foot was bitten off.

While provoking, she let several fisesh gather together to attack herself, while aiming at the flustered red fish. At the time of life and death, the accuracy of her shooting was greatly improved.

“Eighty eight, eighty nine.……”

Wei San silently counted the number of red fishes hit, dragged the incomplete mecha and tried to avoid the attack of the big fishes.

If West Landing or Xiang Minghua were here, they would discover that every action of Wei San has brought the A-class mecha to the extreme, which has become an obstacle to limit her.

Wei San doesn’t know. She only knew that she was about to succeed.

She just lacked two more!

Just then a big fish bitten Wei San.


“Congratulations on clearing.”

She shot two red fish in one blow.

Wei San suddenly got up from the simulation cabin and took off her helmet. She covered her abdomen with lingering palpitations.

The big fish bit her mecha just now, and it almost became two pieces. Fortunately, she had a quick hand.

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Even if she almost experienced the feeling of death, she did not reduce the difficulty of simulation training, but continued to train.

After training, Wei San came out holding the wall. In one afternoon, she experienced all kinds of death methods in the simulation room.

This taste was too bad. Wei San felt a little sick.

“Teacher, 522 training room.” Wei San went to the door and withdrew her training card.

The school’s simulation training room would count the use time of students and convert it into credits in the future.

The teacher took back the training card, registered in front of the big light brain, raised his eyes and looked at the pale Wei San: “Freshman?”

“En.” Wei San nodded weakly.

“You’ll get used to it by training a few more times.” The teacher smiled. “Pain can stimulate people’s potential and improve the fit with their mecha.”

Wei San didn’t speak. Her mind was full of feelings such as her hand was broken, her foot was broken, her head was gone and so on.

As she took step by step toward the bedroom, Wei San tried to distract herself with other things.

She didn’t know what Teacher Xiang’s S-grade mecha looked like. She wanted to see it now. It would be better if it could be disassembled.

Wei San was greedy when she thought about it.

She really wanted to have a self-made mecha. She originally planned to earn money to make an A-grade mecha. Now.……she was greedy for an S-grade mecha.


“During this time, I’m going to the 13th military region to select the school team for next semester. I hope to meet the people in our class.” Xiang Minghua stood on the podium and looked at the students below.

He told the students to take advantage and practice, and not to be lazy. Finally, he looked at the thorn head in his class with warning eyes. Unexpectedly, the thorn head was also looking at him.

Xiang Minghua was pleased that Wei San was listening carefully, but he doesn’t feel quite right. When he took a closer look, the thorn head was clearly staring at the mecha necklace around his neck. Her eyes looked like a hungry jackal.


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