SAPPS Chapter 62

“She’s really good at messing with mecha.” Jin Ke looked up and spoke blankly, but in his heart he was saying that there was an expert behind Wei San. It’s normal to be able to engage in mecha and fight.

Ying Chenghe still didn’t believe it, but he slowly explained the problems in the book. As a result, he found that Wei San could keep up with him, even if she didn’t understand a few common sense issues.

“Your foundation is not very strong.” Ying Chenghe looked at Wei San with a complex face. He wondered how a person with talent in mecha design went to the mecha fighter department.

“I know.” Wei San looked down at the book. Her entire aura had changed. The casual look in her eyes that was often reflected, scattered, leaving only seriousness.

She took a pen and wrote a few lines in her book. Then she got up and said, “I still have classes, so I’ll be leaving first. Thank you.”

“Why is she in the mecha fighter department?” After Wei San left, Ying Chenghe asked Jin Ke.

Jinke finished his drink: “This……Wei San has her own reason.”

It must be that the Wei San’s family has a superb design ability of mecha, but they were harmed and fled everywhere. Finally, they didn’t let Wei San learn this, but took the mediocre way of mecha fighter.

Jin Ke has made up a complete story chain over the years in his mind.

“By the way, don’t talk about this. Remember to keep it a secret for Wei San.” Jin Ke reminded.

Ying Chenghe frowned. Although he didn’t understand, he still made a promise: “I’m not a talkative person.”


Wei San solved several problems about the design principle of mecha at once. She was in a very good mood, so she had extra strength during training.

In addition to the necessary sleep time, she basically stayed in the simulation training room. Now she often suffered from various death methods, but Wei San was numb and her progress was visible to the naked eye.

There was a class for Chen Ci on Friday. Wei San drank a row of nutrient solution before going to class.

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Recently, it seemed that the low price nutrient solution could not fully provide the energy for Wei San, and she began to feel dizzy again. Wei San rushed to the training ground and thought she could only try the expensive nutrient solution next time.

“I haven’t seen you for a week. I don’t know if you have made progress.” Chen Ci, dressed in a black training suit, walked slowly around the students. “Last week, everyone had great courage and dared to shoot at me. Teacher will give you this opportunity again today. The content of this class is to challenge me alone.”

“Wei San, what do you think?” Chen Ci stopped at Wei San’s side and asked, facing forward.

“Teacher, I don’t think this is very good.” Wei San suddenly felt that she had returned to when she was targeted by Li Pi. She really missed him and Shiniang.

Chen Ci turned and looked at Wei San: “Where do you feel is bad?”

“Knives and guns have no eyes and can easily hurt teacher.”

The students next to Wei San rolled their eyes. Her tone was too strong. They couldn’t take a shot at Teacher Chen Ci. Yet she still wants to hurt the teacher?

Chen Ci turned her fingers, raised his eyes and asked her, “Are you so crazy?”

Wei San immediately denied: “Teacher, you misunderstood me. Students have poor skills and it’s easy to miss. It’s bad if we hurt teacher.”

Chen Ci nodded: “You’re right, so I’ll shoot you in one shot later.”

Wei San: ……this was not necessary. She was just a weak student.

Chen Ci stepped back into the mecha and asked the students to line up one by one: “if you waste your two legs, you will lose. If you can touch my mecha, you will win.”

The shooting range of the training ground was empty, leaving only Chen Ci and the students in line.

At the beginning, the students were still timid and didn’t dare to shoot first. As a result, Chen Ci was ruthless and jumped over with a gun, which directly paralyzed people. The students who came up later learned well. It was better to start first and start as soon as they shouted.

However, they couldn’t hit Chen Ci at all, but was beaten away by her.

As the students got up one by one, they have only one feeling: losing face.

With so many people, no single PK can touch Chen Ci’s mecha.

“Wei San, can you reach Teacher Chen?” The student behind poked Wei San’s back and asked in a low voice.

The students next to her who had lost also looked over, and there was a glimmer of hope in their eyes.

Wei San: “Probably not, I’m pretty weak.”

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