SOOEW Chapter 323 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XLV

Knowing that she could hear him, he coaxed her and saved the entangled one with the remaining spiritual force. However, when the spiritual force tried to test her, he was suddenly entangled by her, like thin cocoons intertwined, wound and wrapped, and like two power grids, which produced crackling sparks when intertwined.

Almost in an instant, their mental strength overlapped, and the surging feeling came from the shore. It was a crisp feeling that made people almost numb, which exploded in their minds!

Chris suddenly lost his ability to speak.

Subsequently, all her indicators gradually fell back to the normal state. Chris, who had been paying attention, suppressed the indescribable emotion in his body and forced himself to be distracted from her indicator observation. If he still had both hands, he must have clenched them into fists.

There had never been a moment like now, when he had been used to being a spiritual body, he had a strong impulse to have an entity.

At least he couldn’t be like Cyril. He couldn’t be her partner, hug her, kiss her. She doesn’t even know what he looked like now——

Suddenly, the light on the soul piece was bright, and it seemed that something broke away from it!

On the sofa, Wen Ying slowly opened her eyes. Her green eyes were filled with watery mist. She blinked slowly, and then was stunned.

For a moment, she seemed to see Chris’s original appearance. He was wearing a crisp dark military uniform with loose discipline buttons. His shirt was loosely tied in his military pants. He had a ruffian smile on his mouth. Everything seemed to show his lawless character. Only his eyes were as thick as dark night displaying deep tenderness.

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He seemed to come in front of her and bent over to leave a cherished kiss on her forehead, which turned invisible in an instant.


When Wen Ying came out of the mecha, it had been a while, but Cyril was still waiting for her outside.

Without the temptation of Omega pheromones, he has recovered his calm. Just now, he was hit by the mecha, which made him fall into a semi coma. After taking the medicine he carried with him, he slowly recovered. He still looked a little embarrassed. Compared with him, Wen Ying seemed much more refreshing. She also took a bath in the mecha cabin under the life mode. The original rich pheromone only left a faint aftertaste, which would not be too much, but would only make people feel comfortable.

He pressed his forehead. “What just happened……I’m sorry.” He felt that he could hardly count how many apologies he had said to her during this period, which was really strange for an Alpha.

Wen Ying shook her head and handed him one of the potions in her pocket. “It’s my problem. I made this myself. The effect is good. This is for you.”

Cyril had used the sobering agent she gave. To be honest, it was better than the one specially provided by the Swift family. At least ordinary sobering agents cannot resist the temptation of Omega pheromone for a long time. But he took the small bottle and only rubbed it twice with his finger, then put it in his pocket and didn’t use it.

“Before in the mecha…….” He paused and asked, “The estrous period must be marked. You, are you okay?”

She hesitated and replied, “It’s just a precursor of my estrus. It’s fine without marking. I’ll ask my tutor about the specific situation later. Don’t worry.”

Hearing this, Cyril looked down at her for a moment and nodded, “I see.” Somehow, he always felt that she didn’t tell the truth. He had never seen such a strong omen, which was almost comparable to the estrus period. Even the time was much longer.

If he didn’t know that it was a single person mecha and couldn’t carry other people when it became a space button, he almost thought there was another Alpha in it.

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