WFILTU Chapter 425 – God II

Professor Liu is chatting with Gao Yua——

“……So you still have to work hard. Although your achievements are very strong in our school, our vision should be long-term!” Professor Liu said this sentence with very meaningful eyes.

“Long term?” Gao Yuan was stunned.

“That’s right, you are great among the undergraduates in our school, so you have to compare with graduate students and Peking University.” The words were resounding, and then his voice turned, “But you don’t have too much pressure, after all……”

Before he finished, the phone next to him kept ringing——


Professor Liu looked back, ignored it and continued to say, “After all, in our current session, you are……”


The only group he would open notifications on was the group of old guys, and this group was usually very quiet.

Professor Liu took a deep breath. Why were these old guys so active today, especially the old man surnamed Tan, whom he paid special attention to, beeping endlessly today?

He picked up his cell phone and continued to say, “in our session, you are absolutely the best…..”

Professor Liu scrolled through the messages. For a moment, his pupils contracted and his fingers froze. The word “amazing” hasn’t been spoken yet.

His eyes stared at the screen, his face was shocked, his forehead was blue, his upper and lower lips trembled, and he stood up quickly——

“How is this possible!”

Gao Yuan also stood up and wanted to help him “Professor Liu, what’s the matter with you?”

He hurried forward to hold Professor Liu, but the other party waved him away, took a big step with his phone and rushed out.

It couldn’t be seen that he was old at all……

When Professor Liu rushed to Professor Tan’s office, the Dean, dean of the department, Professor Ke and Professor Deng were all there. He was the last one.

“Gu Xuejiao really published it!!!”

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Professor Tan’s expression was quite calm. It seemed that the clouds were light and the wind was light. “Of course, there will be a report in two days.”

Professor Liu held his breath. What a good thing. It was the glory of the young generation of the school and represented the bright light of mathematics……

But—— seeing Professor Tan’s “calm face”, why isn’t he happy anymore?!

The discussion between the dean and other professors was in full swing and jubilant. At this moment, what was lofty and what Peking University does not exist!

We have Gu Xuejiao!

Professor Liu held his breath for a long time and finally couldn’t help yelling——

“Surnamed Tan, why didn’t you say it earlier! Did you want to see my jokes?!”

Gu Xuejiao, a freshman at Tsinghua University, published an Annals of Mathematics article!

In about two days, people who would pay attention to these basically know.

Tsinghua University.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, she really brought glory to our school!”

“The boss is too awesome!!”

“I want to worship her……”

“No wonder she was so low-key this semester. She was brewing big moves!”

“Really awesome ah……”

Peking University.

“Shit, shit, I even sent to the Annals of Mathematics!! This Gu Xuejiao, too awesome!”

“True or false?”

“Don’t you believe it? The newspapers have reported it. Go to the official website!”

“She wrote it herself?”

“Of course, she’s the first author and the second author is her teacher, Professor Tan Zhongying, but in the video on Tsinghua’s official website, Professor Tan said that the whole paper was written by Gu Xuejiao. He only helped to change something and gave some opinions.”

“……This is awesome.”

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

“Yang Zhan, do you think I’m right?” A senior brother asked.

There was no movement.

“Yang Zhan?” several people looked at the silent Yang Zhan and looked puzzled.

The other party was holding his phone and looking up with complex eyes.

“Yang Zhan, what’s the matter?”

Yang Zhan took off his gloves and slowly put them aside. “No need to calculate.”


“Gu Xuejiao of Tsinghua University has calculated it, and the paper was published in the Annals of Mathematics.”

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  2. How lucky for Gu Xuejiao to have Professor Tan as her mentor. Imagine how much harder her life would be without his support.

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  3. Oof, Yang Zhan got beaten out in a race he didn’t know he was in…

    • I doubt he didn’t know about the race. I’ve been told by my lecturer that each research are race.

      There’s just that much research-worth topics for each period, it’s inevitable that some teams (when they’re not from the same university or department) will choose the similar or even the same topic. If you didn’t work hard to win the race, you could only modify the research you’re doing to over different/novel perspective. Which means you’d spend extra time before you make a publication. Or you have to take a whole new topic/project.

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