SAPPS Chapter 67

L2 level people could go back to the first floor underground, but food and accommodation will no longer be free. They could only exchange points on the second floor underground.

After swiping her points, Wei San went in and found that it was significantly higher than the first floor underground, and there were twice as many kinds of food. She took a large plate of food and found a seat to sit down at.

There are many light screens hanging in the restaurant. There were real-time competitions in the challenge arena area. While filling her stomach, Wei San looked up at the live broadcast of each light screen. She found one thing: the mecha of the competition on the second floor underground has been basically transformed, and the strength of mecha has been greatly improved with various weapons.

“West Landing.”

“That’s actually him!”

“He won 15 games in a row this morning and used the underground factory’s original mecha.”

Hearing the discussion, Wei San turned and looked at the source. The other party also saw her at a glance and came directly with a plate.

“Is there anyone sitting here?”

Wei San pulled the plate to her side and then said, “No.”

West Landing sat down and ate quietly. He changed his mask. It was still silver, but like Wei San, it only covered the upper half of his face.

After a while, West Landing first spoke, “Are you a student?”

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“No.” Wei San immediately denied that the underground black battle was not a place for serious people. How could she expose her identity? In order to change the subject, she looked at West Landing opposite, “Why don’t you skip the levels?”

West Landing was stunned: “Skip sections?”

When Wei San saw that he didn’t understand, she said, “You can skip the challenge by accumulating corresponding points from L0 to L3. You don’t have to win a hundred games. Didn’t your middleman who registered you tell you?”

West Landing was silent for a long time: “.……maybe I forgot at that time.”

In fact, West Landing had the appearance of a big person who understood this place very well, which made the middleman dare not say more.

“L2 leapfrog challenge L3, only need to win 49 games, provided you don’t use a lot of points.”

West Landing had won 15 games. At this pace, he would be able to challenge across levels tomorrow.

After saying this, they fell into silence at the table, with only the sound of dishes and chopsticks clanking.

After she almost finished eating, Wei San opened the competition interface, entered a random PK, received her challenge number, and got up: “I’m going to compete, bye.”

“Goodbye.” West Landing replied politely.


After the transformation, the mecha was quite different from the original mecha. Even if the weapons were similar, the power of the mechas were different. Wei San, who battled with the original mecha would have a more difficult battle towards the end, but her ambition of dismantling the mecha would never go out.

The opposition was a heavy mecha, which was more than twice the size of Wei San’s mecha. She dodged the attack, finally wrapped her whip around the other party’s arm, took the opportunity to approach quickly, stretched out her hand to remove the defense armor on the other party’s abdomen at a strange angle, and then retreated quickly.

The other party looked down at his abdomen. Obviously, he didn’t expect that the defense armor would be broken through so easily.

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