SAPPS Chapter 68

At the moment of his stupidity, Wei San has been around his rear. This time, the whip was directly wrapped around the opponent’s neck. However, the opponent reacted at this time. He pulled the whip with both hands, turned it over with strength, and kicked one leg at Wei San’s head. He was so flexible that it didn’t look like a heavy mecha at all.

Wei San was shocked by his overly flexible attack, and then threw it with force, and the whip interface broke again. Holding half of the whip, she controlled the upper body of the mecha to tilt back 90 degrees to avoid the other party’s foot. At the same time, she supported the ground with one hand, turned a somersault, close to her opponent, and half of the whip was thrown at his abdomen.

The two fought or retreated. Wei San took the opportunity to hold the defense armor just removed in her hand and fought close with the armor as a knife. Finally, the defense armor stabbed the other party’s engine, resulting in his mecha being damaged and he lost the game.

At the end of the game, when taking back the mecha, the other party didn’t look at his own defensive mecha and stepped down and left directly.

“Ai, your stuff.” Wei San shouted on the stage with the removed mecha.

The other party’s pace of leaving quickened. Obviously, he didn’t want his own broken defensive mecha.

The opponent didn’t want it, so Wei San had to “reluctantly” accept it.

At the L2 level, it was obvious that her opponent’s strength was getting stronger. The broken original mecha of Wei San was very difficult to use. This PK game inspired her to not only dismantle the mecha, but use it for herself.

As soon as her opponent came on stage, she first observed which one she would like to take advantage of later, and then defeated her opponent.

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Some opponents with high self-esteem would not collect back their mecha parts that were ripped off. Wei San benefited from it. All the scattered materials and garbage were collected. She went to the underground floor late that night, found the previous shopkeeper, rented the site and tools, didn’t sleep all night, and was full of interest to pile up and transform all these rags on her mecha.

It doesn’t cost money and could improve the attack power of mecha.


At four o’clock in the morning, the shopkeeper came to open the door and looked at her mecha for a long time: “Do you.……collect rags?”

Wei San said seriously, “Boss, don’t look down on rags. They don’t cost money. They’re good things.”

Shopkeeper: “……”

Wei San put away the mecha and was ready to rest for two hours before going to the game. She was bound to accumulate enough points for cross-level challenges. She had been greedy for the L3 game bonus for a long time.

Before leaving, the shopkeeper asked a question hidden in his heart for a long time: “How did you dismantle their mecha in the challenge arena?”

Wei San was unfathomable and approached the shopkeeper’s ear: “I have brought tools.”

No matter how the mecha was modified, it is within a reasonable range. As long as you know the mecha division, you can afford enough money. In short, krypton gold was reasonable.

Wei San had no money for weapons, so she made a little change in the palm of her mecha and put in several self-made disassembly tools. As long as her hand was fast, she could unload them when the other party didn’t pay attention.

Back on the second floor of the basement, Wei San deducted 200 points, chose the cheapest accommodation and rested in it for two hours.

It has to be said that the boss of the underground factory was very treacherous. There was free accommodation on the first floor, the space was big and the bed was soft. When you get to the second floor underground, you not only have to deduct points, but the cheapest room is a hard bed and a small bathroom.

After resting for two hours, Wei San continued to compete in the challenge arena area in high spirits. As soon as she came out, everyone on and off the challenge arena was stunned.

Without her, these people had never seen such a ‘colorful’ ugly mecha.

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