SAPPS Chapter 74

Speaking as if he were the only one who had it hard, Wei San thought that she was so poor yet she didn’t sigh every day.

“What would you do if you were going to fight against an opponent who you are destined not to win against?” Jin Ke suddenly asked.

“Go home.” Wei San was not happy and spoke perfunctorily.

“……that’s not very good, that’s too unambitious.” Jin Ke folded his hands across his legs, “and we must battle.”

Wei San turned over and looked at Jin Ke: “Don’t ask me to explain. I’ll give you a word for free: Just do it. So as a friend who I’ve known for many years, can you let me sleep?”

Jin Ke looked at Wei San: “You’re sleeping in the daytime. Have you been a thief at night?”

Wei San, who was poked in her sore spot, asked: “……what else do you need?”

Jin Ke shook his head and lay directly on the bed board: “I also want to have a rest so let me borrow your bed for a while.”

“Five thousand star coins.” Wei San turned to the wall again. “Remember to transfer it to me.”

“Why are you so stingy?” Jin·Stingy King·Ke complained, then transferred about five thousand star coins to Wei San, closed his eyes and slept.

She said she was going to sleep for two hours but was disturbed by Jin Ke. Wei San woke up after only one hour’s rest. She sat by the bed and held her head for a while. She wrote a note and left it at the head of his bed to let him leave and close the door.

Before going out, Wei San glanced at Jin Ke, who was still sleeping, and found that he seemed thinner than when they met at the beginning of school. At present, he also had dark eye bags.

Ke, the S-grade commander doesn’t know what they learned every day. He has learned like this. But……Jin Ke’s brain has always been good. Now someone could make him have such a mind that he can’t win. She doesn’t know how powerful they were.


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Jin Ke was awakened by his light brain communication. He got up and looked at the news on the communication. His eyes gradually deeped.

Before leaving, he saw the note at the head of the bed, picked it up and smiled. He found a pen on the bathroom table and left a message under that line: tomorrow, please go to the fifth canteen for dinner, I’ll pay.

Wei San didn’t see the note. She didn’t go back to her bedroom today. As soon as she arrived in the evening, she directly climbed over the wall and went out, ready to put up the main structure of the breaking cloud wing.

With the experience of climbing the wall for the first time, Wei San has become quite skilled. She successfully bypassed the guard and came under the wall.

“They came again, the vigilance of the guards needs to be strengthened.”

“There is no foolproof protection.” The man in front of the window said with a smile, “I just happen to have nothing to do. I’ll go and have a look.”

“Major……” The man next to him stopped talking.

“If they are so brave, they may have some skills.” The man called Major raised his hand to stop his persuasion, opened the window and jumped downstairs directly like the charm of the night in the dark.

After climbing over the wall and going out, she was quite a distance away from the underground factory. Wei San originally ran there. This road was nothing to her, but as soon as she came out today, she felt something was wrong.

That unspeakable feeling always made her feel that someone was behind.

Instead of looking back, Wei San continued to move forward, but the direction under her feet changed.

The street was full of wine and red green lights. It looked very prosperous at night. When Wei San came to the intersection, she slowed down, put her hands in her pockets, and walked straight to a bar.

“What do you want to drink?” The bartender pushed the menu to Wei San.

Wei San ordered a cup at random and looked back by holding her face. She didn’t see anyone suspicious.


Li Pi once said that Wei San has terrible intuition, and she has always believed in her feelings.

Wei San accepted the wine from the bartender, and while drinking it, she became “familiar with the road” and chatted up the people next to her, as if she had climbed over the wall and just wanted to have a cool night.

In a shadowy corner, the man who watched the person flip over the wall to play, and suddenly laughed at himself. He was too idle.

However, this student was also very idle.


Wei San swayed in the bar for half an hour and dared to leave only after she was sure that the feeling of being observed had disappeared.

When checking out, the bartender smiled and said, “Sixteen thousand stars.”

Wei San asked for the menu again: “……” She just happened to order the most expensive cup.

She didn’t do anything and lost sixteen thousand. Wei San even breathed with heartache.

She went to the basement of the underground factory to set up the main structure of breaking cloud wings, Wei San then returned to school in the early morning of the next day. When she returned to her bedroom, she saw the words left by Jin Ke. She put away the note and lay down to rest. She didn’t know that when she woke up, the atmosphere of the whole Damocles Military Academy had changed.

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