SAPPS Chapter 77

“Wei San, you’re really great!” Far away, Jin Ke stood at the door of the fifth canteen and gave her a thumbs up: “You are the first person who can be remembered by Major Li Ze. Several of our S-grade people haven’t had time to see the Major yet.”

“How do you know?” Wei San lost 15,000 star coins last night. Now all her credits were cleared, and her heart hurt even more.

Jin Ke opened his lightbrain: “The school forum has been spread all over the world. “Surprise, that woman climbing over the wall in the middle of the night was caught by the Major”, “The girl student called out by the Major,”…… There were several posts like this. “

The post was full of sympathy for classmate Wei San and heartless ‘hahahahahas’.

Jin Ke casually opened a post called “In the middle of the night, I met the woman who climbed over the wall”.

The poster said he was a member of the escort team. The day before yesterday, because he was called by the teacher to work and leave the team, he didn’t expect to meet a female classmate who played online love in the middle of the night. What’s more, he didn’t expect that she was the female student who climbed the wall.

LZ: [She rushed up and said to me: are you Brother Yebei? I’m the little sheep. At that time, Wei San’s tone was very natural, and I didn’t think much. I just asked her to study hard and try to go to the military region. As a result, who expected that she was going to climb over the wall and was caught by the Major.]

1L: [hahahahaha, class leader seems to have helped her, she hasn’t even gone to the military grounds yet she has already been remembered by the Major General.

2L: [I was at the scene today and I was in a combat class with Wei San. At that time, we thought the Major liked her and thought she was a good seedling. I felt sour in my heart. The next second, the Major asked the teacher what the punishment is for climbing over the wall, hahahahahahahaha!]

3L: [Major Li Ze is really pure and without affectation. Hahahaha, the first thing returning to school is to pull out the student flipping over the wall, really worthy of being part of the defense guards in those years.]

Wei San: “.……” She was too lucky the last few days and may have gone against the water.

“It doesn’t matter. If you try harder, you can come back.” With a smile, Jin Ke grabbed Wei San and walked to the canteen, “But why did you climb over the wall in the middle of the night?”

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Wei San’s face was expressionless. She looked at Jin Ke who never lost his smile: “I’m busy.”

Jin Ke’s eyes lit up for a moment, then he had an appearance of “I understand” and zipped up his mouth.

Because of the clearing of credits and class hours, Wei San has no appetite for dinner. She was so bored of that Major Li Ze. She still dared to climb over the wall tonight.

“What S-grade are you?” Wei San suddenly remembered something and asked Jin Ke.

“I’m 3S.” Jinke spoke softly, as if he were just an ordinary S-grade.

“Pretty good.” Wei San thought, “do you have a 3S mecha?”

Jin Ke didn’t answer this question, but came closer: “This can’t be told to non contestants.”

Wei San changed her way of asking, “Is there a 3S mecha?”

“There is, there are also levels for mecha above S grade. Like perception, there is a critical point division.” Jin Ke raised his eyebrows, “You strive to enter the school team. At that time, you can see not only all kinds of S-grade mecha in our school, but also those in other military schools.”

“Attend the Hephaestus competition?”

Jin Ke let out an ‘Wu’ sound, “That counts as, this competition is mainly a competition between S grades. At that time, the school team becomes only a small team in the commander’s hand, which may not be used sometimes.”

Wei San remembered what Teacher Chen Ci said before: “I can be a shooter in the school team.”

“Shooter? When the competition starts, you help me block the school teams of other military academies.” As a 3S grade commander, Jinke was bound to be the commander of the next competition.

Both of them casually spoke. No one knew that it would become a reality in the future.


Because she was called out by Major Li Ze, Wei San became famous in the whole school in the afternoon. People recognized her everywhere. She calmly accepted these eyes. In the evening, she still slipped out quietly and tried to climb over the wall.

Anyway, she was now barefoot and not afraid of wearing shoes.

She’s not going to the north. She is going to go where the security is, it can be said she is doing the exact opposite.

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