SAPPS Chapter 81

Wei San still controlled the “colorful” mecha to compete. She was still accumulating points for the cross-level challenge. West Landing has gone to the third floor underground. She didn’t have time to see it. She just passed by the challenge arena and listened to the people around him talk about his cross-level success.

As for herself, she was notorious as Bowing to Life. In these two days, her hatred value has reached the highest. Everyone was eager for Bowing to Life to leave this layer. Don’t hurt them again.

No matter who used what mecha, the start may make Bowing to Life suffer losses, but as long as she doesn’t go out of the challenge arena and lose, it must be someone else who will be unlucky in the end. Not only would they lose points, but they would have their mechas disassembled in the end.

News was spreading on the second floor of the underground. This person Bowing to Life was actually an expert at the same level as West Landing, and they knew each other. It’s just that she had a bad heart and liked to tease others.

Don’t believe it? Besides Bowing to Life, who else has had dinner with West Landing? When the two met before, this Bowing to Life even took the initiative to admit defeat. When they went down, they stood together and talked. After playing so many games, when did she take the initiative to admit defeat?

Walking on the second floor underground, they always looked at Wei San with strange eyes. She was not afraid at all.

At school, Wei San has already been “in the limelight”, and she doesn’t care about all kinds of strange eyes at all. Now she doesn’t care even more. Anyway, the people in the underground factory couldn’t see her face.

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Every PK, as long as she was interested in the mecha, she couldn’t escape the fate of being demolished. Of course, due to random PK, some people didn’t have the strength or the mecha. Generally, she doesn’t bother to touch it and solve it directly and quickly.

As a result, some people in the back feel that this Bowing to Life did give face. Others stared at her when she entered the random PK pool and went in together to show off their mecha.

There actually was a person who met up with her. The mecha was a good mecha, but the person was strange.

“What do you think of my mecha?”

In the challenge arena, he asked Wei San opposite him.

“Pretty good.” Wei San spoke perfunctorily as this was the last game. It was enough to finish her cross-level points. In the afternoon, she couldn’t challenge anymore. She wanted to change her mecha. She heard that L3 people are very good.

“I also feel it’s pretty good, too. Do you want to dismantle it?” There was a strange pride in the other party’s tone.

Wei San: “?”

“Hurry up. You come and dismantle my mecha. I promise I won’t move.”

Wei San: “? ? ?”

It’s one thing to like to dismantle, but it’s another thing to be forced to dismantle.

In the end, Wei San was “forced” to dismantle the other mecha. The other party basically laid flat and let it be dismantled, so that she had no motivation to move at all.

Before she stepped down, Wei San thought: I met a pervert.


“Why are you here again?” The shopkeeper looked at Wei San and asked, “Does that mecha have to be changed?”

“No.” Wei San rented an afternoon of the workshop and played with her mecha in it.

Occasionally, the shopkeeper passed by and saw the mecha on the console. He couldn’t help covering his eyes. How did he feel that the mecha was ugly to new heights.

After calculating her own money, Wei San decided to buy a light knife to enhance the attack power of the mecha, so as not to suffer too much in the game.

“You choose from this row.” The shopkeeper opened a cabinet, “The cheapest one.”

This time, Wei San didn’t want the cheapest one. Her eyes stopped on the pair of machetes on the left: “I want this.”

“Two hundred and twenty thousand star coins.”

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