SAPPS Chapter 83

They turned around and opened the room. Wei San generated the settings so that the room was open to the public and Nie Haoqi could come in.

It’s just that Wei San didn’t expect to challenge Ding Hemei, who had been selected into the school team three consecutive times. She was an expert as a grade A light mecha soldier and has a high reputation among the students. Every time she came into the simulation training room, she would open the room. Just now she was competing with her friends. There was a sea of people in the room. Everyone saw this ID called “Secretly begging for food”.

As soon as their room opened, Nie Haoqi didn’t have time to enter. The people in the original room crowded over. They wanted to see who this “Secretly begging for food” was.

Light mecha is the most carrying: 【Just you? I’m in a hurry? Medium mecha is the strongest?】

Ding Hemei finished sending this message and immediately started to work towards Wei San.

The room was full of people, and many students had begun to wonder who this Secretly begging for food was and how brave they were.

At Damocles Military Academy, who doesn’t know that sister Ding Hemei had a hot temper and exploded at the slightest. They actually dared to be so provocative. I’m afraid she’s not stupid.

【Seeing that the mecha they use is the one sent by the school, does that mean not they don’t intend to disclose their identity?】

【It’s probably a senior brother teasing senior sister.】

【There shouldn’t be, I’ve seen all the senior brothers and sisters who use medium-sized mechas. The online ones are all in the simulation room, and the offline ones are all in class.】

At the underground factory Wei San saw many kinds of playing methods and mechas. Facing Ding Hemei’s sudden attack, she dodged at a very fast speed. However, Ding Hemei received systematic education in the military academy, so she gave full play to the advantages of the light mecha. She closely adhered to Wei San, and didn’t give her a chance to escape at all.

She couldn’t hide, so she could only meet her head on.

Wei San drew out her light knife, which was given by the teacher at that time. It was free. She cutted directly at the other. Ding Hemei bent down to avoid it, jumped up at the same time, and swept her toes across the neck of Wei San.

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Wei San controlled the mecha to lean back. At the next moment, her right hand slashed fiercely, and the light knife cut on the abdomen of the opponent’s mecha. When it scratched, it made a harsh sound.

【Fuck, this Secretly begging for food has a little bit of ability.】

【The two people’s mecha are not on equal grounds. It’s only a matter of time before senior sister wins.】

Ding Hemei reached out and touched her own abdomen. She was hit with real fire. Her body method immediately accelerated to another level. Wei San obviously felt that she began to work hard. The limit of her mecha was obviously not as good as that of the other party.

Wei San just wanted to use the light knife in her hand. As a result, the other party directly fired two bullets and the target pointed at her light knife.

She subconsciously dodged. Compared with Chen Ci, the other party was still a little behind.

【She can even avoid this?】

【It’s really powerful.】

Wei San suddenly threw out a whip, a light knife in one hand and a whip in the other, switching freely between.

Ding Hemei obviously didn’t know there was such a thing to do. At the moment of being absent-minded, she was entangled by Wei San’s whip and fell down. She reacted quickly and immediately manipulated the mecha to get up and try to stay away.

However, in the next second, the light knife of Wei San directly cut off against her shoulder.


The light knife fell out of grip.

Let’s not say that free items are not good. This lightsaber can be used for training. It will go wrong if it can really fight.

In the next second, Wei San was jumped by Ding Hemei with a gun at a close distance.

【It’s terrible, hahahaha, the Lightsaber is actually rolled up.]

【Stop talking, senior sister is gone.】

Ding Hemei was naturally unhappy. If it was really counted, she actually lost just now. It was unknown which freshman the person who was called “Secretly begging for food” was.

The people in the room slowly left, when they suddenly remembered that someone was sending a message to the public screen:【I remember that this Secretly begging for food is Wei San! She and I were in the same class, and the way of cutting the light knife was exactly the same.】

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