SAPPS Chapter 88

As soon as she left the classroom, Wei San saw a group of people standing at the door with their eyes on her, especially the girl who led the way.

Wei San thought it through carefully. She didn’t climb over the wall again this week. Moreover, if she did, so many people wouldn’t come to hit her. They should be searching for someone else.

After turning it around in her mind, Wei San walked away with a natural look.

The students in the classroom clamored out to watch the play. Even Nie Haoqi didn’t leave. He stood by and whispered to Wei San to remind her: “Senior sister Ding is the provocative light mecha you’ve battled before.”

Wei San: So she came to beat her.

Seeing that she was completely unmoved, Ding Hemei moved her steps and stretched out her hands to block Wei San’s path: “I sent a message to ask you to go to the playground for a battle today. Why did you not go?”

Wei San was stunned and then said sincerely, “Senior sister, I’m busy with my schoolwork. You know that my credits have been cleared. I deal with those messages as spam.”

“You!” Ding Hemei took a deep breath. Behind her stood a group of people watching the play. This battle must be fought! “Now I ask you to go to the playground to fight. Dare you answer?”

“I dare not answer.” Wei San good naturedly.

Ding Hemei: “.……” Shit, she’s so angry!

“Senior sister, let’s forget about actual combat. When we are free, let’s go to the simulation training room to open a room?” Wei San didn’t want to fight. If it broke the mecha, it would require money to repair.

Ding Hemei smiled and opened her lightbrain: “Wei San, if you don’t fight with me today, I’ll send this video to Major Li Ze.”

Wei San swept over at will, thinking about what she had that would threaten herself.

What was shown in the video was the picture of Wei San lowering her head and woolgathering in class just now.

Wei San: “.……Senior sister, it’s just a battle. Let’s go, go to the playground.”

People: so the treatment of thick skinned people requires an even more shameless person.

The two walked all the way to the playground, followed by a vast group of people who had nothing to do but to watch a good play.

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Ding Hemei didn’t talk nonsense. she went directly into the mecha and shouted for Wei San to hurry up.

Wei San released her own mecha. As soon as the blood red mecha came out, some well intentioned people recognized it: “Blood drop, this is Teacher Xiang Minghua’s mecha!”

Those grade A mechas used by grade S students all basically were on the list, which was the goal of many mecha soldier students.

“Fortunately, Senior sister Ding’s mecha is not bad, otherwise she would suffer.”

“Teacher Xiang’s mecha has been sent to Wei San?”

“He probably thought the student he’s bringing is wayyy too broke hahahahahahahaa.” 1*man, students are broke Lmfao

“Forget it, you change into a poor person and see if Teacher Xiang would give it or not. Forgetting everything else, Wei San had two moves in the previous battle in the room.”

The people next to them had a heated discussion, and Wei San was still hesitating and didn’t enter the mecha cabin.

“Hurry up!” Ding Hemei urged her.

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