WFILTU Chapter 459 – Argument I

As the voice fell to the ground, the whole laboratory entered silence for a moment, and the sound of breathing could be heard.

Even Xue Jiao was a little confused, and her eyes were dazed.

What? Chen Sheng Shen Mathematics award? Was this a joke?

Professor Tan continued to laugh and said, “I just received the news, and I haven’t had time to announce it yet. The other winner was a professor from the Department of Mathematics of Peking University. We have two golden flowers surprises in this Mathematics Award.”

“Really.……really, truly?” Xue Jiao stuttered.

Professor Tan nodded, his mouth raised, and tried to restrain himself.


Xue Jiao still felt a little unbelievable. She knew that although it was a Youth Award, it was very difficult to get this award when she was a student.

It seemed that she was confused, so Professor Tan explained——

“Gu Xuejiao, you can prove Fermat’s theorem in another way, which is worth going down in the history of mathematics. You may not be strong enough, but your argument is enough to make you worthy of this award. However, mathematics is limitless. Although this award is given to you, your research in mathematics cannot stop because of it. If you get this honor, you must be worthy of it.”

Xue Jiao shook her head for a moment, then nodded firmly: “En! I will work harder!”

Professor Tan smiled kindly.

Nearby, Professor Jin’s face turned white and black, black and white.

As the first student of Tsinghua University to get this award, he should be happy. After all, this was the glory of the University.


Why didn’t Tan Zhongying say this in advance?? He had to wait until he finished boasting here before pretending to speak calmly.

Wasn’t this fucking triggering others? !

Doesn’t he just want to hit his face? !

This son of a bitch!

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Professor Jin ground his teeth and resisted the urge to bite Tan Zhongying to death.

“Teacher Jin, you see, Gu Xuejiao is still most suitable for continuing to study in the Mathematics department. Don’t waste your time.” Professor Tan smiled and looked at Professor Jin.

Professor Jin gnashed his teeth and said, “Tan Zhongying!”

“En? What else does Professor Jin have to say?” Professor Tan looked at him.

“Nothing! Bye!” With that, he turned and strode away.

Professor Jin knew Fermat’s great theorem when he was a student, but he didn’t care about it at that time. After graduation, he continued to engage in physics research. He knew that Fermat’s great theorem was rich in gold, but he didn’t expect that it could be so high that they could directly win the mathematics prize.

If he had known that Gu Xuejiao would have won the prize, he would not have come to lure Gu Xuejiao to the Physics department!

This was a good young person in mathematics. If she was delayed……

He wanted to strangle himself!

How could she be abducted into the physics department!

Professor Jin left with resentment against Professor Tan, leaving only Professor Tan and Xuejiao in the office.

Professor Tan smiled and looked at Xuejiao: “Gu Xuejiao will come to my office at noon. Let’s talk about the award.”

“Ok……ok.……” Xue Jiao nodded hurriedly, and the whole person was still floating.

Professor Tan nodded and walked out with a smile. He walked briskly. It couldn’t be seen how old he was.

Xue Jiao was his student. The higher her achievements, the happier he would be.

Admittedly, there were some accidental factors to get this award this year, but the efforts and strength of Xue Jiao could not be ignored!

Professor Tan hummed and was in a good mood to leave.

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