SOOEW Chapter 356 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game IX

Wen Ying sent a message to Mobei Eagle as soon as she entered the game. When she reached level 5 by killing chickens, she finally received a reply from the other party: “You want to join the first regiment? No way, you don’t have the ability.”

“I want to try.”


“Can’t my credit go into the first regiment?”

“.……in the end, you didn’t have to do superfluous things. It’s enough to give the information to the people I have arranged. Your special identity will stir up their emotions.”

The other party rarely responded with a long sentence, but only received two words——


At the other end, the person standing with the Mobei Eagle suddenly laughed and coughed, “Brother, can’t you praise others more? Don’t be so cruel to others. These days, there are many women who can devote themselves to you, but not many who can devote themselves to others for you.” He laughed in jest.

“She is Wen Ying.”

“Oh, you know each other in reality? Ok, I’ll shut up and say nothing more.” He was dressed as an assassin and covered his face when he heard the words. “Let’s go. I built a trumpet account to see the beauty of the city. Since the beauty is still killing chickens, then forget about it. If I knew your server was this lively, no matter what, I would’ve taken a step in.”

Holographic online games were indeed one account for one person, but this only applied to the same server, different servers can create different roles.

Mobei Eagle ignored him. He replied to Wen Ying: Let’s wait until you level past 10 first.

Wen Ying’s demon profession attracted a lot of attention to her. Her beautiful face appeared and disappeared from time to time, and her fog like body was beautiful and hazy. Sometimes it was blown by the wind and scattered like smoke, which caused the amazement of countless onlookers. Some people thought she was a boss monster in the novice village, and shot her an arrow from a distance.

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After the promotion task was interrupted many times, she felt annoyed. She spent ten copper coins to buy a ragged cloak to block the attacks, and the surroundings finally became quiet.

This also delayed her for some time. It was already the afternoon when she left the novice village. As soon as she left the village, the gray world channel suddenly lit up, and then two lines of golden fonts floated past her eyes. These were really characters floating in front of a person.

[The player “Liu Yan” is wanted by the Leader of Heifeng City, with a reward of 1000 Liang.]

[The player “Liu Yan” is wanted by the Leader of Fentian City, and the reward is 2000 Liang.]

The standard gold requires 10 Liang. At the beginning of the game, only the trade union president was so rich.

When she turned on the world channel, she found that the outside world had been turned upside down. There was heavy traffic in cities and towns. People passed by her constantly and talked about the same thing as the world channel.

“Who is this Liu Yan?”

“I hear she is Charming Beauty.”

“Ah? ! Didn’t she not show up when it was time to get the connectors?”

“You’re stupid. They can investigate it in private! Feixue and Fuyi both posted photos on the forum at that time. One verified that they were circle outsiders, and the other said that they were Liuyan! Both of the accounts were watched. She went to get the adapter with her third account.”

With their reminder, Wen Ying finally remembered such a thing.

One of the photos provided by the original owner was that of Xu Yanlan, the Fallen God. She also had a dispute with the three city owners. In fact, the original owner looked for the photos of two outsiders to avoid implicating others after exposure. After crossing, Xu Yanlan disguised herself as an outsider and put her photos in front of the original owner through network technology.

Her goal was to increase the intersection with the target characters. This was just a small net she cast, but it undoubtedly brought her a lot of gains.

“The two major trade unions, Fentian and Heifeng, then won’t she be miserable. In the future, when playing a game, she will have to worry about being turned white……”

“Liu Yan has joined Wushuang City and joined the elite. What is she afraid of when Mobei Eagle protects her?”

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