SAPPS Chapter 98

“You’re really here.”

Jin Ke said that as he sat next to Wei San and asked Ying Chenghe to sit down opposite.

He originally came to Wei San with Ying Chenghe to see how she trained. In fact, he wanted to give Wei San a chance to communicate with Ying Chenghe. As a result, the communication was completely blocked.

He boarded the forum and found a previously circulated curriculum. Normally, Wei San should be in the simulation training room at this time. Jin Ke didn’t see her ID online in the past.

Jin Ke was still trying to find where to go. Nearby Ying Chenghe has boarded the forum and posted a reward post: [who knows where Wei San is? Provide the exact address, 200,000 star coins.]

In the next second, someone replied immediately: [table 23 in the southeast corner of the library, come quickly! Picture JPG]

Ying Chenghe raised his hand and transferred 200000 star coins to the other party, and then showed Jin Ke the information on his light brain.

Jin Ke: “.…..” the way the children of the aristocratic family solve problems was as blunt as ever.

“What’s up?” Wei San looked up at them with a Book of Materials Science spread out in front of her.

“I’m free these two days. I want to see how you normally train.” Jin Ke turned his head. “Just now, in order to find you, this one posted a reward message of 200,000 star coins on the forum.”

After a meal, Wei San immediately looked at Ying Chenghe opposite and said seriously, “my friend, ask me directly next time and I’ll give you a 20% discount on this news.”

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Ying Chenghe hasn’t seen such a shameless person. He doesn’t know how to react for a moment.

“Ask what, your communication has been unreachable.” Jinke pointed to her wrist.

Wei San lifted up her sleeves and pressed on her lightbrain. She discovered that it didn’t respond. “It’s broken.”

She doesn’t rely on the light brain very much. Usually, no one looks for her. She doesn’t even know when the light brain broke down today.

“This light brain.……” Jin Ke pointed to her wrist. “Is it the one I took you to buy? It’s been how many years.”

Ying Chenghe looked at the two people opposite. Jin Ke even bought her a light brain. Was their relationship so good? But this light brain looked too bad.

“It’s always been very useful. I’ll buy a new one later.” The thought of her abject poverty account gave her a headache.

“Come on, we’ll go with you.” Jin Ke became interested. “I haven’t been around the school yet.”

Wei San closed the book and put it in her backpack.

“Why do you want to read ‘material science’?” Ying Chenghe looked at the book cover and asked his doubts.

Mecha engineering division was a large category. The mainstream was to design a mecha and find the best data and materials to build a complete mecha. However, a small number of people do not take the road of building mecha, but specialize in studying mecha materials. In recent years, there are also people famous for their research on rare materials. This small number of people call themselves material division.

This ‘material science’ was not about the classification of mecha materials, but the detailed explanation of various material principles. Mecha engineers do not need to spend time on it, because there are only finished materials on the market.

“This book is very interesting, so I borrowed it to read it.” Wei San can’t say that she disassembled the mecha sent by the school. She wanted to study how to melt the materials and make something interesting on her other two mechas.

She had no money for an exclusive mecha, so she could only find other fun.

Ying Chenghe frowned and walked behind them.

The questions that Wei San asked him previously were obviously questions that a standard mecha engineering division would ask. Now she wants to be a material engineer?

One thought a day, whether this kind of person could do a good job or not, Ying Chenghe can’t help but question it in his heart.

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