SAPPS Chapter 99

The three people walked out of the school gate and went to the largest light brain store in Tuma Lane.

They were also wearing Damocles Military Uniforms. As soon as the clerk saw the three, a warm smile appeared on their faces. Most of the attendees of Damocles Military Academy were young masters and young ladies, and the rich were very rich. Especially these three, one is better than the next in good temperament!

Jin Ke and Wei San fell behind and didn’t know what they were talking about. Ying Chenghe spoke first: “We’re looking for a lightbrain, what are the new models here?”

The shop assistant’s eyes immediately lit up, they were really young masters and ladies. He knew as soon as they opened their mouths.

“This row is the latest and most popular style this year.” The clerk pulled out a row of light brains and asked enthusiastically, “Are you wearing it, or…….”

Ying Chenghe turned sideways and gave way to Wei San behind him: “She’s wearing it.”

“There are also women’s models here. They have colors and can be customized.” The clerk pulled out another row of light brains.

At this time, Wei San and Jin Ke approached. She didn’t even look at the light brain in the counter and directly asked, “what’s the cheapest light brain you have?”

Clerk: “?”

Ying Chenghe: “?”

The clerk was a little suspicious of what he heard, and subconsciously repeated, “Which style do you want to see?”

“The cheapest one.” Wei San said frankly.

If it weren’t for the professionalism developed over the years, the clerk would have stayed on the spot. He kept a smile on his face: “……please wait a minute.”

The clerk took out a white light brain: “This is our cheapest one, very classic.”

“How much is it?” Wei San received it. From the material point of view, it was better than her original light brain.

“There is not much stock left. It’s only 30,000 star coins after the discount.”

Jin Ke came over: “Thirty thousand is too expensive. Originally, this style of light brain was only twenty-five.”

Wei San also thought it was expensive. Now she still owes a lot of debt: “Where is it possible to repair this lightbrain.”

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Ying Chenghe looked at them with a complicated face. Let alone that he had never used 25000 or 30000 dollar optical brains, he couldn’t even imagine how to use such a cheap optical brain. Now Wei San still wanted to repair that 2500 optical brain.

He didn’t expect Jin Ke to say it was expensive. The Jins will soon control the waste disposal system of the whole Federation. In terms of money, they can compare with ordinary aristocratic families.

Before coming today, he thought that Jin Ke attached great importance to his friend Wei San, so he specially invited himself to come with him. Now he found that Jin Ke gave her a lightbrain that only cost thousand five-star coins.

In Ying Chenghe’s life, he couldn’t imagine what such a little money could buy.

However, Wei San seemed to cherish this old light brain very much. He’s afraid hse has a deep love for Jin Ke.

Thinking of this, Ying Chenghe even raised a little sympathy for Wei San.

“The things on the big star are expensive.” Jin Ke shook his head and let Wei San see the light brain on his hand. “My mother bought it for me in Liu Jixing. It cost 67,000.”

“With such an expensive light brain, can one go to heaven?” Wei San looked down closer at the light brain he held.

The clerk looked at the two young students in front of the counter who looked very much like hicks. Finally, he admitted that he had lost sight. How could he think they were the young masters and young ladies of rich families.

He must’ve been fascinated by their confident temperament.

“The light brains that are broken can only be returned to the factory. Your model……is too old and should be discontinued.” The clerk tried to smile, “This 30,000 optical brain hologram is very excellent, the projection performance is also qualified, and there is an interface privacy function. Generally, this function is only available for light brains that cost more than 100,000 starcoins.”

Wei San hesitated and asked, “Is there any discount?”

Clerk: “There’s no more.”

“Then accept this style?” Jin Ke asked from nearby.

“I don’t have much money.”

“Didn’t I transfer you 50,000 stars last week.”

“I used it up.” Wei San motioned for the clerk to open the light brain. “Then this one.”

She had to bind with the new light brain, before transferring the money. After paying, she let Jin Ke see her balance.

“It’s too terrible. There are only 1,500 star coins left.” Jin Ke sighed aside.

Ying Chenghe: “……”

He felt that his three outlooks had been impacted.

After a moment, he didn’t know whether to sigh that Wei San wanted Jin Ke’s money or that Jin Ke only gave Wei San such little money, and she was even reluctant to buy the lightbrain.

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