SOOEW Chapter 357 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game X

Wen Ying went to a restaurant in Ping’an Town, the designated place that Mobei Eagle told her to connect with the people in the trade union. One of the advantages of the holographic game was that each NPC is vivid and would respond according to the player’s attitude. If the player chose the right person and the friendly value with the other party was high enough, they may also receive special tasks.

The waiter reported the name of the dish on the spot for a while. When Wen Ying gave him a reward, he immediately laughed, the curvature hiding his eyes. Wen Ying gave him a description of the matchmaker, and he immediately sold the other party’s work and rest time.

Wen Ying waited for the person until dusk in the game. After checking her identity, he richly stuffed her with a space bracelet.

“Money, things are all placed in it, about one hundred thousand of silver. It’s enough to buy medicine and jewelry at this level. The equipment is a novice outfit. The president said that you can buy a suit according to your professional needs when you advance another ten levels.” The other party looked at her ragged cloak and thought she was a beggar, so he didn’t ask much.

Instead, Wen Ying asked, “What is the situation outside now?”

“Holographic online games have just come out. Everyone is very interested in such virtual games. If they have good familial conditions, they can stay in playing almost all day. However, most people are still around level 15. The highest ranking is level 28. The president and Prince Long are both level 27. There are only three conditional associations. The president is more focused on the development of trade unions and will naturally ignore leveling. In addition, a new ‘Shadowless Pavilion’ is the latest to emerge. He is the dark horse of the single player ranking, but he is indifferent to such achievements as copies. They only accept such professions as assassins and pharmacists who can fight alone, and do not build trade union camps. They do not know what they do. “

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“Where’s Liu Yan?” She suddenly asked.

“You’ve also heard?” The other party smiled, wanting to gossip displayed on his face. “Everyone outside said that she was following the regiment. In fact, the president occasionally took her out personally. By the way, the president said that you would also join the first regiment?” Seeing Wen Ying nod, he said, “You should level until you’re at least until 23. Let’s go. I’ll bring you to the next level.”

With someone to carry her, Wen Ying was also lazy and rose to level 23 like a rocket. In “Chasing Deer,” leveling was quick in the early stage, and the speed would only slow down after the level 50 career promotion.

In the process, the other side also told her gently: “The first regiment is not so easy to enter, and your current level is just enough to pass. According to the general process, it will take a month of observation to test your operation level. Moreover, recently, they are opening up wasteland. In order to fight for the first kill for several days, they are under great pressure. If not for the president’s words……anyway, I will take you there first, and then the regiment commander has the final say.”

His attitude indirectly told Wen Ying that the first regiment temporarily gave in under the pressure of the president, but the commander at the head may not be willing to accept it, which was a kind reminder.

Mobei Eagle didn’t disclose what she did to the public, including the people of the unparalleled trade union. She could understand this. Just looking at the current situation of Liu Yan, she can understand that once her identity is exposed, she would be chased and killed by the other two major trade unions and the strong onlookers. If she remembered correctly, Mobei Eagle would protect Liu Yan at the beginning because he thought that the other party was implicated by Wushuang City. He is not a very decent person, but for a girl who could have enjoyed the game life well, but because of a “stolen” photo, she was mistaken for another person, she was blocked and struggled in the game. First, he could not stand idly by and second, he could not tell the “real murderer” behind him, so he would give her a hand to protect her.

However, his move clearly made the two major trade unions misunderstand and it made things worse.

In the original track, the original master didn’t make such a sensation as she did, and the movement was not so big, but it also made Liu Yan join Wushuang City and have something to do with him. Later, Mobei Eagle was really attracted to her and fell in love with her.

In terms of character, they complement each other in a cold and hot way. Unlike the original owner, who unconsciously imitated his character because she liked the other, and was also very talkative.

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