WFILTU Chapter 469 – Flaunting I

As for those two provocateurs, Xue Jiao doesn’t really want to talk to them now.

She guessed that the two students who wanted to join their project, the senior brother and senior sister of the Mathematics department, Ge Donglin and Zeng Bin, might have been involved.

But she was too busy reviewing to pay attention to them.

“Come on, let’s go review first.” Xue Jiao reached out to pull Mai Jiajia, uncaring.

“You really don’t care?” Mai Jiajia was still worried.

Xue Jiao shook her head firmly: “We don’t have to care now.”

How could she not be angry if she was falsely gossiped about?

However, there are still priorities. It seemed that the exam was about to take place. It was not worth the loss to quarrel and waste time for such things that have already happened.

It’s not that she has to endure everything, but she can’t give up more important things just for one breath.

Lin Zhihua has told Xue Jiao before that nothing is more important than being strong.

The final exam is a process of strengthening and benefiting yourself, which is the most important thing for her at present.

It must be understood that the future is long.

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In the evening, Lin Zhihua packed up everything, stood up, took his coat and walked outside the company.

Chen Yan and Tan Qi followed him and occasionally talked about business.

It wasn’t until they arrived at the parking lot that Tan Qi said, “Boss, do you want to ask the driver to open the door?”

As soon as the words fell to the ground, Chen Yan and the boss looked over.

Tan Qi was stunned. Was he wrong?

Lin Zhihua looked at him and said meaningfully, “No, I’m going to pick someone up, so I don’t have to call the driver.”

“Ah?” Tan Qi was even more surprised and couldn’t help but say, “Boss, it’s so late. Isn’t it better for you to ask the driver to pick the person up!”

After being an assistant for so long, he also knew that Lin Zhihua had a car accident before and nearly died.

Hence he doesn’t like driving much now. Most of the time, the driver brought him with them when traveling.

This……it’s a little difficult to leave the big boss to go home alone at night……

Tan Qi looked excited and began to show his loyalty: “Boss! Or how about I’ll go help you pick them up!”

Next to him, Chen Yan coughed with his mouth covered.

Tan Qi subconsciously shrank his neck when he heard his cough. Did he say the wrong thing?

Lin Zhihua finally replied, “I’m going to pick up my girlfriend. What’s with calling a driver? Do you want to go for me?”

Tan Qi: “……”

Lin Zhihua took a step forward, stopped, looked back coldly, and replied demurely without showing off——

“Forget it, you are not in love, and it is normal not to understand.”

With that, he stepped to the side of the car, opened the door, sat in, started the engine, and the car disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Tan Qi: “? ? ?”

After a long time, Tan Qi finally turned back and looked at Chen Yan with a frightened face: “Boss, this is showing off ? ? ?”

Chen Yan gave him a cold look, opened his mouth and spit out a word: “Stupid.”

With that, he walked to the side of another car.

Tan Qi gaped and stared at Chen Yan.

Chen Yan looked back: “Start the car, drop me off.”

“why?!” Tan Qi skipped.

“Not dropping?” Chen Yan squinted and looked like the boss.

Tan Qi became cowardly: “Drop……”

In his heart, he murmured, this fox pretended to be a tiger!

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