WFILTU Chapter 470 – Flaunting II

When they got in the car, Tan Qi said with a shy smile, “That…how did the boss’ wife get the boss so obsessed with her? Our boss, this is an old tree blossoming?”

Chen Yan had a computer on his knee. He was looking at it. He looked up when he heard him: “I have written it down. I will report it to the boss tomorrow.”

The car was quiet for two minutes, and then someone wailed——

“Secretary Chen! ! You can’t do this to me! ! !”

“Drive properly!”

“I can’t live tomorrow anyway. It’s the same to die earlier or later!”

Chenyan: “……I want to have a Huguo Temple snack tomorrow morning.”

“……ok, I’ll buy it for you!” Tan Qi was gnashing his teeth.

Chen Yan took back his eyes with satisfaction and looked at the computer on her lap.


When Lin Zhihua arrived outside Tsinghua, Xue Jiao was already waiting, and was holding a book and reading with the light from a street lamp.

His car stopped in front of Xue Jiao. The other party’s eyes lit up and she opened the door to get on.

Lin Zhihua frowned as he left. “The light is so dark. Why are you still reading?”

Xue Jiao hesitated as she read: “En……the day after tomorrow we will have an exam.”

As she spoke, she still kept her eyes on the book.

When they stopped at a traffic light, Lin Zhihua reached out, took the book and put it in front.

“Ai——” Xue Jiao exclaimed.

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Lin Zhihua spoke lightly, “Do you want to become near-sighted? It’s too easy for you guys nowadays to become near-sighted. Don’t read in the car. You don’t need this little while.”

Xue Jiao shot a look at him and took back her sight: “Ai, alright.”

“Why are you busier than me now? You’re under a lot of pressure?” Lin Zhihua raised his eyebrows.

“No, it’s the end of the term. The review pace is tight, and everyone is working hard. It’s not easy to get a satisfactory result.” Xue Jiao sighed. Before, in No. 7 middle school, Chu Sheng was the most competitive in the whole grade.

They did take turns to sit on the first and second thrones, distancing themselves from the third place.

But now it’s different. Tsinghua has gathered powerful people from all schools. It’s really difficult to stand out from these people on the exam.

Lin Zhihua shook his head with a smile and glanced at her: “You ah, must you take first place?”

“It’s not that, but just go all out. What I can achieve is what I can achieve. I can’t force any achievement after I have achieved all the levels, but I still hope that the result is satisfactory.” Xue Jiao can only shrug.

There is no one who doesn’t care about their grades, but she should always be alert to herself——

Everyone wants to be the most special one, and everyone wants to be the most powerful one, but there are skies outside of skies and people outside of people.

The attitude should also be correct. If you really go all out, your level will be the result you can get.

But we must go all out. It is difficult to achieve great results with five points of effort.

Not satisfied with the results. Most of them are not working hard enough in the right direction.

Lin Zhihua nodded and said helplessly, “Although I wish you would do nothing every day and just fall in love with me, there is no way. You still have more to do. That’s good, you don’t slack off when you go to college. These four years are not a time to play, but a time when you need to work hard to live up to time.”

Xue Jiao nodded heavily, then turned to look at him, with a star-like light in her eyes: “Do you want me to accompany you?”

The corners of her mouth rose, and it was unknown where she learned the expression of a “rogue childe”.

Lin Zhihua parked his car at the gate of the community, unfastened his seat belt and turned around.

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