WFILTU Chapter 471 – Flaunting III

“Wu——” Xue Jiao had just raised her lips and was blocked.

Lin Zhihua has made rapid progress. Xue Jiao……was deeply impressed.

After a moment, the two separated breathlessly. Xue Jiao’s eyes were dim and half squinting, half opened: “You……don’t want face……”

“No more.” Lin Zhihua bowed his head and gave it a gentle blow. “It’s enough with just you.”

His eyes were patient and restrained, and Xue Jiao met his sight.

It was unknown why……when they were together, even if they kissed, he seemed very restrained……

He seemed to be repressing something.

Xue Jiao blinked doubtfully and looked at him obediently.

Lin Zhihua bowed his head and gave her a blow again: “Girl, I’ll wait for you for a few more years.”

Xue Jiao suddenly felt a little embarrassed, looked at him and said, “Get up, I’m getting off.”

Lin Zhihua sat back with his mouth raised and fastened his seat belt. “Let’s go.”

“Yi, you can enter the community?”

“I moved in today.”

“Oh, why didn’t you tell me ah?”

“Surprised? When you finish your exam, I’ll show you around and cook for you.”



Some people want to stay up all night when they review at the end of the term. According to Mai Jiajia, some people stay up all night in their dormitory, and they sleep for four or five hours.

Xue Jiao was a little surprised. She used to work hard when she was studying, but under the education of her family and Lin Zhihua, she has flattered her “sharpening the knife without mistaking the firewood cutter”, so that she very rarely stayed up late to study.

However, the efforts of these people still made her a little worried. It was said that since they began to take professional courses this semester, the problems to assess them became particularly difficult. All the teachers wanted to work out some problems that were impossible to solve.

Fortunately, Xue Jiao was relieved when she got the paper.

Professional courses were really difficult, but in the end, they were all changed from the problems in the books. Mathematics has always been like this. After changing the soup without changing the medicine, all the questions are stripped of their cocoons, and the rest of the framework is the same.

She heard senior sister Zhang Han say that she should establish a framework. When reviewing, Xue Jiao mainly established the framework of the whole book, which can avoid wasting time on many of the same contents.

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Now, when she looks at these contents, she paid special attention to most of them when building the framework, and even has seen many of them before when helping Professor Tan with the project.

Xue Jiao didn’t think it was too difficult. She finished it quickly and checked it twice again. After confirming that there was no problem, she handed in the paper in advance.

After that, the same was true of the other three subjects. Xue Jiao felt that she had given full play to her strength, so she no longer paid attention to it.

With the end of the last exam on the weekend afternoon, the summer vacation of the freshman semester officially came. In other words, Xue Jiao has spent a whole year in college.

College time was really ignorantly fast.

At least when she was in high school, she would feel it was difficult and hard, but in University, she was busy all at once.

After the test, she hurried off to school. Sure enough, she was familiar with the car parked not far away.

Before she waved, the car had already come. Xue Jiao got in the car.

“How was your test?” Lin Zhihua asked her with a smile.

“It’s alright. I tried my best.”

Lin Zhihua nodded, smiled and asked, “Are you hungry?”

“A little bit, are you cooking tonight?” Xue Jiao smiled and looked at Lin Zhihua. She thought about it at noon. Lin Zhihua’s craft is not much worse than Wuliu lane.

Sometimes she still thinks, what else can Lin Zhihua learn?

“Of course, you are on holiday now. You are welcome to eat over during the summer vacation.” Lin Zhihua looked relaxed and smiling. When he stayed with Xuejiao, he couldn’t help but raise his mouth slightly.

Xue Jiao shook her head and said with some embarrassment: “That……I may be very busy this summer vacation. I will start to work on the project tomorrow. In my spare time, I want to do something with mathematics. After all, I am in the mathematics department……”

She won the Chen Shengshen Mathematics Award and has been paid close attention to. Teacher Tan also placed high hopes on her. She couldn’t devote the remaining three years to physics. She wanted to take advantage of this holiday to do something related to mathematics.

Just……she was a little sorry for her boyfriend, Lin Zhihua.

Sure enough, Lin Zhihua’s mood was visibly depressed.

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