SAPPS Chapter 101

“Ok, one in your bed and one in my bed.” Jin Ke readily agreed.

Wei San tilted her head to look at him: “Just renting the bed, it’s not your bed.”

“I spoke wrongly.” Jin Ke changed his words very quickly and settled the account quickly too.

Wei San went to take the pillow packed separately. Ying Chenghe grabbed Jin Ke and asked him,

“……Don’t you sleep in the same bed?”

Jin Ke did not know what he was asking. “Why do we sleep in one bed? She has four beds in her dorm.”

Speaking of this, Jin Ke’s eyes lit up: “I haven’t slept in the upper bunk yet. I’ll experience it some other day.”

Ying Chenghe: “? ? ?”

“Why do you sleep in her dorm?” Ying Chenghe asked with difficulty. At this moment, his mind was confused and he couldn’t figure out what they were doing.

Jin Ke showed an inscrutable look: “If the pressure is too great, I go to her to absorb the power of an expert, so then when I go back, I can function again.”

“So……you’re not in that kind of relationship?” Although Ying Chenghe did not understand Jin Ke’s strange words, he knew that he might have misunderstood them.

“What kind of relationship?” Jin Ke had just finished asking. He caught a glimpse of Ying Chenghe’s face. Thinking about what he said to Wei San, he immediately understood.

Just as Wei San came over with the packed pillow, Jin Ke said to her, “Ying Chenghe just suspected our relationship as those between money and sex. Hahahaha!”

After they met on Sadu star, it was the first time that Wei San saw Jin Ke smiling again. She was too lazy to think about it. She casually dropped a sentence: “I don’t know what you’re thinking day by day.”

Ying Chenghe: “……” it was he who thought too much? Wasn’t it the two of them who spoke about sleeping then money?

The three of them walked down the street without stopping their conversation, mainly because Jin Ke was forcing them to talk.

“You are a single mecha soldier. I am just a weak commander. You should carry the quilt.” Jin Ke had already stuffed the pillow into Ying Chenghe’s hands, and was now still trying to exchange the quilt for the pillow in Wei San’s hand.

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Wei San hissed: “Practice your physical strength more. When you get kicked out on the court, you can run a little more.”

Damn it, Jin Ke has liked to take advantage of others since he was a child. Those who didn’t know thought he was too poor to afford food.

“Who will pay for the meal later?” Jin Ke suddenly remembered.

“I have no money.” Wei San refused to pay.

“I also don’t have much.” Jin Ke’s face was not red and his heart did not jump. Then he pointed to Ying Chenghe. “Chenghe, you just defiled our reputation. This meal is yours to treat.”

Ying Chenghe: “?”

“Thank you for your hospitality.” Wei San nodded to Ying Chenghe.

Ying Chenghe was muddled into a restaurant that looked very expensive. The two people confidently and straightforwardly ordered from the menu and then asked him to treat them.

Naturally, he doesn’t care about this money. The problem was that he always felt that the two people opposite were bullying him.

Ying Chenghe asked for his favorite wine. Wei San didn’t touch it. Instead, Jin Ke drank several cups in a row.

It was until the end of the meal, Jin Ke was a little drunk. He took Ying Chenghe in his arms and said to himself, “Don’t you think it’s a very happy thing to be stingy? Seeing that your balance is getting more and more, that kind of satisfaction is the happiest thing in the world. Like you, it’s not called being rich, it’s called being stupid.”

“One is stingy, the other is stupid.” Wei San walked aside and sneered.

Jin Ke pointed to Wei San and smiled: “There is another poor person.”

Ying Chenghe: “……” no wonder these two people were really friends.

But are you happy being stingy?

Ying Chenghe suddenly thought of trying it.


Willard star, West Port.


Shen Tukun was stunned when he saw the visitor, and then he stood at attention and saluted.

Li Ze looked at the student who competed for a year of competition: “You’ve worked hard.”

“Not hard.” Shen Tukun bowed his head, “I just failed to get the ranking for the school.”

“What matters is that you are safe.” Li Ze turned sideways slightly, revealing the Starship door. “Sadu star is all waiting for you to go back.”

With the five tired S-grade students and a thousand school team students, they boarded the star ship and returned to Sadu.

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