SOOEW Chapter 359 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game XII

They just had a face-to-face meeting. It shouldn’t count as having the potential of being a master? ! !

The most important thing was that the beauty on the other side didn’t even think before shaking her head. “If President Heifeng just wants to block Wushuang City, I’m sorry, but please mind your own business.”

Heifeng members: “….”

This lass was quite daring? !

Duhuo’s originally lazy expression stretched thin, and he immediately cooled his face: “Come if you want, it’s like someone begged you. It’s just that we see you as pitiful.” After that, he did not look at her, but led the way to the copy.

He was just like his name. He had a unique personality. Sometimes he was good, sometimes he was evil. His behavior was quite confusing, but others were used to it.

However, with such an entanglement, Shi Lan’s idea changed. If Heifeng City also wanted to take the first kill of  “Blood Capacity” and the other party’s president led the team, he must race against the clock if he still wanted to cop the first kill. Hence, he stopped the others’ argument and joined Wen Ying in the copy.

In combination with the background, the copy of “Blood Capacity” tells the story of a small eunuch who, in order to climb up and curry favor with the imperial concubine and empress, came to the town to rob boys and girls, collected their blood and sent it to the palace as folk prescription for the beauty of the imperial concubine. The level 20 copy was not too difficult for the elite regiment that had experienced many battles. Soon the eunuch’s pawns and teeth were pushed down together with the big boss eunuch!

However, it was not easy for them to grind the eunuchs to their bloody skin, and they all only had half their lives left, when they saw a flash of white light, and everyone returned to the door of the copy.

Task failed!

Everyone was confused and began to brainstorm on the details encountered in the copy. At this time, Wen Ying heard a “didi” sound, and a message popped up in the stranger channel.

“Are you guys unable to beat it?”

Luo Ying: “.……President Duhuo?”

Duhuo: “Just tell me if you can’t beat it. I won’t laugh at you.”

Luo Ying: “So, are you going to tell us how to fight through the copy?”

Duhuo: “Hehe, you guys really can’t beat it.”


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Wen Ying just wanted to reply to him, when suddenly, she was pushed by the people around her. “Someone speaks nicely. You can’t take money and don’t do anything. What are you doing now?”

“Trying to figure it out.” Wen Ying turned off the information pop-up window, glanced at the person whose eyes were pressed over, and said, “Haven’t you ever thought about what the purpose of this copy is?”

“Of course it’s the big boss, that eunuch.”

“Of course not, it is to save the boy and girl.”

As soon as her voice fell, Shi Lan also looked at her.

“The boss needs to be fought, and the people also need to be saved. When the boss was hit at last, he was not dead, and the task displayed failure, which indicated that there was still a time limit for rescuing the boy and girl. According to the background of the game, it is likely that they were not rescued in time during the bleeding process, so it is judged that the task failed.”

The crowd was silent. As soon as the people who had an opinion on her opened their mouths, they were stopped by Shi Lan.

“Let’s try to clear it again.”

Those who could join the elite group are not fools. Even if they don’t hear Wen Ying’s warning, they can still draw a conclusion after many delays. After hearing Wen Ying a little, their action force will be higher, and they will find the right direction in the second run. The assassin explored the way and found the way to the “altar”, but the design of the dungeon was precise. On the way, he had to go through a maze of mirrors, which was very time-consuming.

If you go to save the boy and girl, they would have no time to fight the big boss at the end. If the soldiers are divided into two routes, and the maximum number of copies is limited, it is obvious that both sides may fail.

There was a limit on the number of times each person can pass through the copy every day. Shi Lan, who has always been called a think tank, also gained a headache in the face of this maze. He used many methods and couldn’t control the time well. In a hurry, he glanced in the direction of Wen Ying, but quickly took it back.

He was looking at medicine because the disease was life threatening. This was the first time that she fought in a copy, and she probably found the key problem by accident, which does not mean that she can solve everything.

However, her clear voice came out with his eyesight, “Commander, you are too smart.”


“Smart people just think too much.”

She stood next to one of the mirrors and poked her finger into the labyrinth mirror. The HP of the mirror immediately appeared before her eyes. She asked: “When you meet a monster with 1000 HP , will you kill it and step on its body, or walk around it shabbily?”

The crowd: “..….”

What the fuck? !

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