WFILTU Chapter 472 – Deliver lunch I

Xue Jiao looked at him with a guilty conscience. She also wanted to stay with him every day and have dinner together, but she felt that there were still a lot of things waiting for her.

She also observed the lovers around her. Most of them were tired of being together.

She and Lin Zhihua did not spend much time together.

Every day he came to pick her up, and then took her home as part of their time to get along. In fact, they only had a few private dates to eat, especially when Xue Jiao was busy.

Lin Zhihua was really in a low mood. He read the dating manual yesterday and made a lot of dating arrangements for their summer vacation.

That which he just thinks about would make him happy, and will raise his lips towards dating……

But obviously, there may not be any anymore.

But at this time, Lin Zhihua did not know why, and he suddenly thought of Yi Tianyu.

The boy who once almost touched the heart of Xue Jiao but failed because he didn’t understand Xue Jiao.

Hence, Lin Zhihua has been trying to restrain and suppress his surging emotions.

He wanted to spend 24 hours a day with her. He wanted to go shopping with her, go to the movies, or visit the underwater world. He could do anything, as long as he was with her.

But Xue Jiao was too busy.

Lin Zhihua has been repressing his emotions. He wanted to understand Xue Jiao. He can’t make Xue Jiao feel depressed like Yi Tianyu. He doesn’t feel comfortable with it.

She was still young after all, so she was not very patient with her partner.

Hence Lin Zhihua suppressed all his emotions. It’s ok if she didn’t have time. Having a meal every week, or after moving, the distance from school to home every day, plus video chatting, became all their time together.

She will be a sophomore soon. She will be even busier.

Lin Zhihua never thought that one day he would like to ask——

What if your girlfriend is too busy to accompany you?

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Lin Zhihua was driving all the time. He doesn’t speak. Xue Jiao was worried and turned to look at him.


After a long time, Lin Zhihua pulled out a smile and said laughingly, “It’s all right. I’m thinking about something about work. What do you want to eat tonight?”

Xue Jiao looked at him and said in a soft voice, “Everything’s fine.”

When she finished speaking, she felt it was too perfunctory, and added, “Everything you cook is done well.”

Lin Zhihua smiled and brought Xue Jiao to his new house.

The building he lived in was exactly the same as the one Cheng Shuo bought. It was also very close, and there were only three buildings between them.

But when she opened the door, the decoration styles of Lin Zhihua and the Cheng family were completely different.

The Cheng family was a family of all sizes, so everyone should be considered, so that their style was warm and mixed.

But Lin Zhihua was not. Xue Jiao has been to his apartment in City C, and the decoration style was cold, hard, mechanical and open.

Very simple, but also very cold.

Lin Zhihua smiled and brought her slippers. They were cute slippers with rabbit ears. They were snow-white. This shoe cabinet only had this pair of women’s slippers.

“Come and change into it. I washed it.”

Xue Jiao couldn’t help laughing and said, “Did you buy it for me?”

“Of course, who else would come to my place?” Lin Zhihua raised his eyebrows.

Xue Jiao covered her mouth and smiled. She put on the shoes. The size was just right.

“I’ll wash my hands and cook first. If you want to drink water, pour it yourself.” Lin Zhihua reached out and scraped the nose of Xue Jiao, and spoiled her.

She nodded and he went into the kitchen.

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