SOOEW Chapter 360 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game XIII

The mirror maze is composed of thousands of long ground mirrors. No matter where people go, they will see at least three images of themselves at the same time. It was difficult to judge which is the mirror and which is the way ahead. If there are many members, they would often be separated in the maze, resulting in a waste of time. The mirrors in the maze are too lifelike, just like the dressing mirrors at home. No one would break a real mirror for no reason——how painful is it when the glass debris is embedded in your hand?

They naturally thought that this was a set of background walls and props. You must act according to the rules set for you by the copy, and pass it by wisdom or skill.

No one ever thought that it could be a monster with blood! It was even a crackling monster!

“Holographic online games not only have a realistic degree of restoration, but is also a game. The game has all the fun of normal games. You can’t think it’s true because it’s real.” Wen Ying said, “if it were a keyboard online game, someone would have smashed it with skills.”

That’s right. In the VR keyboard game, it was also operated by people through buttons. Unlike holographic online games, which have at least 10% pain synchronization. If you encounter such a copy when playing the keyboard, you will become angry and be too lazy to care if it’s three seven or twenty one. First, you will use two ordinary attacks, it’s not like it wastes strength.

This slap was so loud that the person who initially shouted and questioned her “do you know how high the detail reduction of holographic online games is” immediately stopped.

Wen Ying continued: “the mirror is thin in HP, but it will reflect spell damage. Remember to find someone with high physical attack.”

“How do you know?”

“I tried it when you guys walked the second round.”

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The demon attacks with magic. The damage she hits will cause her to be counterattacked with double HO.

“……why didn’t you say that?” A soldier took the lead in the fire. “Even if we had a problem with you at the beginning, didn’t we let you in this copy? You are very proud to see us turning around like headless flies!”

It couldn’t be said that everyone thought the same as him, but it’s true that her practice was easy to cause negative emotions towards her.

“It’s better to pass this copy as soon as possible than spend time questioning me.” She glanced at Shi Lan and received a message from Fang Zheng. Hearing the message, she said, “That’s right, the Heifeng side is about to pass this copy. Everyone hurry up!”

The official gave the reward list for the first kill of the “blood capacity” replica at the beginning. There was a rare purple suit in it. At this stage, the purple suit could be said to be the treasure of the town Treasury. Putting it in the warehouse of the trade union could attract a large number of players, so the trade union attached great importance to it.

As soon as they heard that Heifeng was rushing for time, everyone immediately became nervous.

The solution of the mirror maze has been revealed. It took less than a minute to break the mirror and reach the destination in a straight line.

“Altar” was a stone platform with a circle of grooves dug around it. 99 boys and girls were placed on the platform and had their wrists cut. Blood flowed into the grooves along the platform. The strong smell of human blood came to her face and made her stomach churn. People with poor concentration almost vomited out. The cries of 99 children suddenly burst out after the stone gate was opened, just like a tragic hell on earth.

Before they started to save people, they had already lost one sixth of their blood.

“They are now under control. Leave the guards alone. Soldiers pull the monsters. Archers attack the stone platform behind them. Aim at it. There is a small control array to destroy the array eye.” Wen Ying said bluntly.

But her previous instructions from before made her credibility increase naturally, and the members of the regiment unconsciously followed her arrangement.

As an archer, Shi Lan drew his bow at the first moment. He didn’t remember until he pulled the arrow. He was the commander of the regiment, but he was not stupid. After judging, he found that the arrangement she gave was the best plan. Emphasizing who was the command now would slow down the speed, and the clearance of the copy was his ultimate goal.

“Report, the guards here are linked!”

“People with a range of more than 17 meters go to Shitai. They can’t cross the river of blood and their skills can’t beat you.”

“Commander! The child is still bleeding. His HP is only 5%.

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