SAPPS Chapter 102

Shen Tukun finished freshening up in his room. Instead of taking a break, he walked to the hall. He wanted to find someone to ask about the current situation of the school.

But he accidentally met Major Li Ze sitting in front of the round table, looking down at some information. Hearing the sound, he looked up: “You’re not resting?”

“Can’t sleep.” Shen Tukun was a little reserved, and the man opposite seemed like a mountain. Standing in his heart.

“Sit down.” Li Ze pointed at the chair next to him. “What do you want to ask?”

“I heard that this year’s freshmen have a 3S commander?” Shen Tukun was busy with training and the competition, so he doesn’t know much about the school news.

Li Ze nodded: “The ability of students is good this year.”

If the major could say that the abilities of the students were good, it meant that there were powerful people among the freshmen this year. Shen Tukun was relieved.

“You will continue to participate in the next session, and the others have already been decided.” Li Ze looked at the student with a tired face, “Rest early.”

The five main members and the school team who returned from the Hephaestus competition were warmly welcomed by the school. Some students even customized banners to welcome the heroes home.

Wei San was in class and missed the warm scene when they arrived at school. However, she saw the video sent by Nie Hao.


With no expression on her face, Wei San turned and looked at Jin Ke, who was scolding passionately while watching the light brain: “What are you doing?”

Ying Chenghe also looked up at Jin Ke, who couldn’t control his emotions at all.

Ever since the three people came back from the “street bombing” that day, they found a classroom to get together every Thursday. Wei San picked up a bunch of messy problems and asked Ying Chenghe to solve them. Jin Ke went on to the starnet to read gossip, saying that his name was in charge of current affairs.

“Take a look.” Jin Ke showed them the video.

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[……Damocles Military Academy even pulled out a banner, which read “Welcome home heroes”. As we all know, Damocles Military Academy has not won the ranking for many years. Except for Major Lize of the 13th District, it can be said that there was no gain in the past four years. Now Shen Tukun, who has not won any ranking, is still being treated as a hero when he goes back. I have to say, it is humiliating for the word “hero”.]

The reporter in the video spoke mercilessly, and the sarcasm on his face almost jumped out of the screen.

Wei San’s eyes fell on the microphone in the reporter’s hands: “Sequoia Media?”

“The largest unofficial media of STARNet.” Ying Chenghe knew the media, “They made a lot of money on the Hephaestus competition because they could get first-hand news of the champion team every time. He is deeply loved by the audience.”

“Junk media, junk journalists.” Jin Ke scolded again. It’s a pity that the media under this aristocratic family were difficult to deal with.

“Next year, if they can’t get the news about the champion team, would they not be loved by the audience?” Wei San questioned.

“That’s impossible.” Ying Chenghe shook his head. “Behind it, there is the Situ family. There is always a Situ family member among the candidates for the Imperial Military Academy competition.”

Wei San raised her eyebrows and looked at Ying Chenghe: “Your meaning is that the champion will always be the Imperial Military Academy.”

“We can’t say forever, but at present it does.” Ying Chenghe was helpless.

“You can’t be like this.” Wei San spoke earnestly, “Our school has a 3S commander and a 3S mecha engineer. You said before that there were two 3S mecha soldiers. If this configuration can’t even win the championship, then why can the Imperial Military Academy win?”

“According to the current confirmed information, all five members of the Imperial Military Academy are at the 3S grade.” Ying Chenghe spoke difficulty, “Besides, there are differences among the 3S.”

“Are all the other military academies all 3S?” Wei San asked.


Wei San held his face with one hand: “The Hephaestus competition has a total of 12 games. Muddling one is one. I don’t believe the Imperial Military Academy will win the championship forever.”

Ying Chenghe glanced at Wei San’s careless look, and pressed down his words. He wanted to say that she had never seen Ying Xingjue’s terrible calculation ability, but she would know when the competition starts.

“I have decided.” Jin Ke took Wei San’s hand seriously. “We must win the championship once. At that time, we will stand on the podium and refuse Sequoia Media’s interview.”

Wei San was attracted by another message in his words: “There is no bonus even after standing on the podium?”

“There is a trophy.” Jin Ke took a pitying look at Wei San, “and the school team can’t stand on the stage. Only the five main members can.”

Ying Chenghe watched the two people drag the topic to a thousand and eight thousand miles away, and even began to discuss what to do to make a fortune after winning the championship.

It was really one who dared to speak and one who dared to think.


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