SAPPS Chapter 103

The video released by Sequoia Media spread quickly. Although the students of Damocles Military Academy were angry, they could not delete it. They could only wait for these ridicules to calm down.

At the same time, the selection of the next school team officially started one month after Shen Tukun and his colleagues returned.

The three departments, the mecha soldier department, the mecha engineering department and the command department all began to select candidates for the school team. The most competitive is the mecha soldier department, which had the largest number of students, but the quota allocated to all types of mecha was 200.

Hence, every day, the mecha soldier department competed in three venues, divided into light, medium and heavy mechas. All the grades competed together to select the top 200, and finally to select 10 shooters from the 600 people.

Wei San kept running between the school and the underground factory. Every day, she was either in competition or on the way to a competition. She didn’t stop for a day. In the evening, she studied the mecha by burning the lamp at night(pulling an all-nighter). She put all the useful information she garnered from the mecha issued by the military academy on the mecha in the underground factory. The uniform mecha made by the military academy was not confidential. There were also those mecha in the market, so those that can’t be used are sold.

Every bit of blood that could be returned was a bit.

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Wei San has opened the Blood Drop Mecha sent by Teacher Xiang Minghua to observe. All the data was nearly perfect. The only thing she could change was the weapon. However, she didn’t have that much money for the time being.

“I’m in the top 600.” Before class, Nie Haoqi was a little excited and said, “Where have you competed to, Wei San?”

“After the contest this afternoon, I will be selected into the top 600.” Wei San looked down at the light brain under the table and spoke casually.

“You will certainly enter.” Nie Haoqi learned from the essence of Wei San’s provocation some time ago, successfully challenged a cadre of senior students and sisters in the simulation room, and learned from this experience. During this time, he became more confident.

Wei San nodded: “Let’s enter the school team together.”

“The school’s mecha is not very good. I’m going to find a mecha engineer to customize a suitable mecha.” Nie Haoqi sighed, “Acquiring the new mecha early will be useful as I can get used to it for a long time.”

Hearing this, Wei San turned to look at him: “Customized mecha? Are you not from an unknown star? Where did you get the money from?”

Generally, there are two ways to change a mecha. One is to buy mecha with fixed data and materials on the market, which can be transferred later. The other is to find a mecha engineer to customize it. The latter is more expensive than the former, and the more famous the mecha engineer is, the higher the price.

Nie Haoqi was at a loss: “Why don’t the people from unknown stars have money?”

Before going to military school, he just had no channel.

Wei San: “…….” It turned out that she is the only one who comes from an unknown star that was a poor.

“But I haven’t figured out which mecha engineer to find. It’s hard to wait for a famous mecha engineer.” Nie Haoqi has been worrying about this recently.

Wei San ‘coughed’ and said: “Actually…….I know a very powerful mechanic.”


“Really, she is close to Ying Chenghe.” Wei San asked for Nie Haoqi’s light brain to look at a photo. “It’s this person, do you know this man, Ying Chenghe?”

“He’s our school’s 3S class mecha engineer.” Nie Haoqi looked at the three people above. “This one next to him is Commander Jin Ke. Are you familiar with them, Wei San?”

“Familiar, it was the engineer I knew who brought me into contact with them.” Wei San looked around and whispered, “That mecha engineer has time recently. If you are willing to find her, I’ll help contact her. Don’t tell anyone about this.”

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