SAPPS Chapter 104

“I am willing!” Nie Haoqi made a quick decision. After that, he felt that his voice was too loud for others to pay attention. He immediately lowered his voice, “I don’t know how much this mecha engineer’s customized price is?”

“This mecha engineer can make friends with the 3S level mecha engineer Ying Chenghe. As for money……” Wei San showed an enigmatic look. “You take a look.”

Nie Haoqi was excited. Anyone who could become friends with a grade 3S engineer was likely to be a grade S engineer. Some grade S engineers would produce a grade A mecha when they are bored. Like Blood Drop, it was the top A-grade mecha made by the S-grade mecha engineer.

Nie Haoqi raised a finger and said, “This number.”

Wei San: “Ten million?” It’s a little less, and the renovation would be barely done.

Nie Haoqi shook his head: “Add another zero.”

Wei San suppressed the impulse to take a breath: “You are really rich.”

“My parents saved this for me when I was young. They hoped I could use the best grade A mecha in the future.” Nie Haoqi was embarrassed and said, “This money can’t be counted as very much. If the engineer charges too much, I can’t afford it.”

“That’s enough. Just this price.” Wei San confirmed.

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Nie Haoqi hesitated and asked, “Shouldn’t you ask that mecha master friend?”

Wei San: “……I’ll make a counter-offer for you later. Just this price.”

Nie Haoqi looked at Wei San and said sincerely, “Thank you.”

The check for 100 million yuan was settled just like this. As soon as the money arrived, Wei San immediately asked for Nie Haoqi’s daily training data and designed the mecha according to his strength.

When she asked for the data, she said that the mecha engineer did not want to contact strangers, so she was entrusted to act as a middleman.

Nie Haoqi had no doubts from beginning to end.

Besides the weapons on the mecha that she was asked to transform for West Landing before, this is the first time that Wei San has really designed and made a mecha. It was not smooth. There was always a big gap between theory and practice. Therefore, she often went to the library or asked questions to Ying Chenghe.

Ying Chenghe didn’t play a big role because he didn’t expect anyone to think about lowering the cost of materials.

Wei San could only search by herself. She was calculating the material ratio. S-grade mecha shells were made of all Youjin, but A-grade is still mixed Youjin, which is more portable and easy to control, but not as strong as S-grade. There were also some parts that could be changed. She needed to test them.

With the competition during the day and staying up late at night, Wei San soon walked around the campus with two groups of dark green under her eyes.

“Are you going to enter the top 300 tomorrow?” Jin Ke was standing somewhere, it was dark behind him, and contacted Wei San.

Wei San looked up from the drawing and said, “En.”

Jin Ke moved the light brain and let Wei San see Ying Chenghe who was next to him: “we will go back to school tomorrow and see you compete at that time.”

“O.” Before Wei San hung up, she faintly heard Jin Ke say something to pay attention to rest.

The next day, the playground of Damocles Military Academy was full of people.

It was to select the top 200 students of each type of mecha to enter the school team and participate in the competition. The last 100 students were substitutes and can also go with them.

Today, Wei San will play two games. After winning, she will become a member of the school team.

There were judges and teachers in front of each challenge arena, who will score according to the performance of both sides of the competition, and finally create a general ranking to prevent the strong students from losing the selection.

Wei San was ranked at the back. She leaned against the fence of the playground and half squinted to rest.

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