SOOEW Chapter 362 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game XV

Did he see it right?

At first, because he had been taught a lesson by her in reality, he asked the staff to check her account and wanted to find a place for her in the game, but when he saw that she was alone and rejected by Wushuang, he could not help but stand up for her.

He didn’t expect that she would be accepted so soon. It seemed that she got along well.

He frowned and looked down at the invitation letter of the Heifeng Guild in his hand. They could join the guild without an invitation letter, but the invitation letter with the president’s seal could make the people in the guild warmer.

Forget it, what did he care about casually for no reason?

He threw away the invitation, let it float to the ground, waited for 30 seconds to refresh, and turned away.

After experiencing a copy, Wen Ying gradually became harmonious with the people in the group. Putting aside their prejudices, the good side of their character was revealed. They admired her ideas, which were often refreshing. They also found that her operation level was not bad, but was constrained by her occupation.

The demon profession was as weak as the healer in the early stage. Their most powerful skills were not as good as the assassin’s basic attack. The healer can stack attribute points by equipment. It was difficult to buy the demon’s professional equipment even if you have money. You need to fight for it yourself. Their run was not fast, their speed was slow, and their balance was poor. The only advantage was their control skills. In the early stage, there were many conditions and restrictions.

Even though it was so, Wen Ying’s record was still very frightening. The most powerful time was when she used basic attacks to attack the key points of the monsters for ten consecutive attacks and kill the little monster. Not to mention the damage output, the ten attacks were aimed at the same position. The little monster did not stand still. The operation was so godly that even the assassins in the regiment wanted to worship her as their teacher.

Mobei Eagle wasn’t unsurprised when he received the report. He remembered that she was not able to enter the three regiments in the keyboard era, so she volunteered when the guild needed someone to be a spy.

As for Wushuang, he always operated with a serious attitude. The elite regiment could be said to be the signboard of the guild, and those without enough ability, even if they made great contributions, couldn’t join. Arranging Liuyan to stay with the regiment was only a temporary measure. He changed his mind when he knew that she had affected the progress of land reclamation.

He didn’t help her say her greetings in advance. He just hoped that she would step back, but he didn’t expect the result to be unexpected.

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“Ah Mo, I found a good place to practice leveling!” Liu Yan came running excitedly.

“What level are you now?”

“29!” Her smile was very infectious. “Thanks to you, I can rank in the top 100 on the list.”

He nodded. “I’ll carry you to level 50. After you’ve been promoted, they should not catch up in a short time.”

“Ah?” Her mood suddenly fell, “but what if many people block me? You don’t know how much gossip this world has spread. I keep explaining to them that I am not. They don’t listen. Who is actually the real spy? Why can’t you say? Anyway, she has affected my life. Why should I take the blame for her? !”

Speaking up to the end, she was a little more indignant.

Mobei Eagle was silent for a moment. “Sorry, I will prepare arrangements for you and try not to create troubles for you.”

“With you like this, I feel embarrassed again……fine fine, it doesn’t matter if you don’t say it. Anyway, I’m used to being scolded now. It doesn’t matter.” She said magnanimously.

His cold eyes changed slightly when he saw this.

Wen Ying found that the demon class was really weak and pitiful before they were promoted. It was reasonable that she could use her spiritual power properly in the interstellar. She should be more comfortable with this game, which was also a nerve-connecting game, but in fact, this was not the case. The arrangement of professional attribute points in holographic online games virtually weakens her performance ability, just like letting a dancer dance in chains, which limits her play.

Unable to bear it, she said her greetings to Shi Lan and ran off to practice alone.

Towards someone who had prior knowledge, it was very easy to find a suitable task to upgrade in the world of chasing deer. She has been brushing the favor of the waiter in the restaurant since the beginning. In the past two days, it has finally reached 80%. The waiter couldn’t help but say, “I have something I want to ask you for help. Don’t ever tell anyone else……”

This was the prologue of the task. Wen Ying took over the task after listening carefully.

Before long, a guest came to the restaurant. He was very handsome. His sword eyebrows flew obliquely into his temples. His eyes were bright and luminous. He was wearing a bright yellow robe embroidered with dragons flying and phoenixes dancing as ink characters. He threw a silver ingot and said, “waiter, bring me a jar of Jade Pot Spring.”

Before the waiter had served the wine, he approached him and gossiped with him: “I want to ask your help for something. Don’t tell anyone else……”

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