WFILTU Chapter 476 – Madam II

“I’m looking for someone.” Xue Jiao smiled and said again.

Sister Wu was obviously a warm-hearted middle-aged woman. When she saw her holding a lunch box, she couldn’t help but say, “Are you delivering food to your father or your mother? The managers are all in a meeting today. As a daughter, you are too sweet!”

Xiao Yue at the front desk accosted: “Sister Wu, shouldn’t you wait for Uncle Jiu? Look at you. You’re not considerate at all.”

“Hai, will the boss starve them?” Sister Wu doesn’t care.

The receptionist at the reception desk had a gentle attitude, smiled and asked, “Little sister, who are you looking for? I have to call first, or you can’t go in. This is the company’s policy.”

Her voice was apologetic and her attitude was gentle and polite. Xue Jiao couldn’t help nodding to Lin Zhihua’s employees attitudes.

Xue Jiao just opened her mouth and Sister Wu said, “Little girl, they can’t answer the phone for today’s high-level meeting! Did you tell your parents in advance that you were coming? Who are your parents? Who has such a beautiful little girl?”

“I’m looking for Lin Zhihua.” Xue Jiao grinned and added a phrase, “He is my boyfriend……”

There was a moment of silence at the scene. The pupils of the three people almost shrunk together, as if they had heard something incredible.

The two receptionists froze and did not speak any more. Xue Jiao asked, “Are the senior management in a meeting? Can Lin Zhihua answer the phone? Or……”

She thought for a while and discovered that she only knew the secretary who followed Lin Zhihua.

“Or can Chen Yan answer the phone?”

The front desk suddenly recovered, and the receptionist stuttered: “Yes, yes yes……I’ll call the secretary’s office……”

Her hands shook a little and she almost dropped the microphone.

“Hello……this is the front desk. Please contact Secretary Chen Yan for me……”

After a moment of silence, the front desk continued: “Hello, Secretary Chen, this is Suxi at the front desk. There is a miss here looking for President Lin.”

On the other end of the phone, something was said, then Suxi looked at Xue Jiao and said, “May I have your name……”

“Gu Xuejiao.”

Suxi said: “Her name is Gu Xuejiao.”

Suxi finished speaking, clearly heard something falling on the ground at the other end of the phone, and then Chen Yan changed his tone into a worried——

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“Take care of her. I’ll be right down!”

You know, as the first secretary, Chen Yan has always been the most like Lin Zhihua. His voice was flat without waves, like an unemotional machine. This kind of panic was unprecedented.

Suxi hung up the phone and looked at Xue Jiao, stuttering: “Gu……Ms. Gu, sit down and have a rest. I’ll pour you a glass of water. Secretary Chen will come down to pick you up right away.”

Next to her, Xiao Yue showed a standard “sweet” smile. She stood up straight with her hands in front of her.

“No, no need. I’ll stand for a while.” Xue Jiao replied with a smile.

There were people coming out of the nearby passageway, and some people said hello to the front desk: “Xiao Yue, Xi Xi, do you want to go to a barbecue together after work?”

Xiao Yue was a little stiff and replied with a smile, “Not for now.”

Then she turned around and quickly poured a glass of water for Xue Jiao: “You* drink water……”

“Thank you, thank you!” Xue Jiao hurriedly took it over, embarrassed by their enthusiasm.

“Sister Wu, why are you still here? Do you want to go back together?” A lady with short hair came up and leaned casually against the front stage.

Sister Wu pulled at her, glared at her behind Xue Jiao’s back, and then pulled out a stiff smile at Xue Jiao.

The short haired woman obviously didn’t understand anything. She looked at Xue Jiao and asked casually, “You are?”

Sister Wu stretched out her hand and pinched her hard.

At this time, someone came out of the side passage, and a slightly familiar face appeared in front of several people.

Whether it was the front desk, Sister Wu, the short haired lady, or the people coming out of the front passage, they all shouted: “Hello Secretary Chen!”

Chen Yan nodded, hurried over, embarrassedly forced out a smile to Xue Jiao, “I’ve kept you waiting.”

“It’s alright. It’s just that I’ve troubled Uncle Chen.”

Uncle Chen……

At this moment, Chen Yan wondered if the boss would deduct his salary when he heard about it!

And……he was really not old, but he was too worried. He was not as good-looking as his boss, so he became a handsome uncle with a straight face.

In fact, he was also only in his thirties……

Not married yet!

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