WFILTU Chapter 477 – Madam III

“You’re welcome. Let’s go this way……” Chen Yan respectfully extended his hand and made a gesture of invitation.

Xue Jiao picked up the thermos and felt that the cup in her hands was troublesome. She was a bit at a loss.

Suxi almost immediately leaned forward and reached for the glass. “I’ll do it.”

“Thank you.” Xue Jiao smiled gratefully.

Suxi was immediately flattered and replied, “You’re welcome……”

Xue Jiao held the lunch box and walked to the side door with Chen Yan’s gesture.

Chen Yan followed her, opened the door for her quickly, and then went upstairs through the exclusive passage and elevator.

After seeing them into the elevator, the front desk exploded immediately.

“Who is this? Who is this? ! She went through the exclusive elevator of the boss!!” The short haired lady was dumbfounded.

Suxi patted her chest and couldn’t help but take two breaths of fresh water.

“The boss’s girlfriend……”

“What? !”

Sister Wu held her courtier, looked at the package, and then looked at herself: “This……I seem to have been seen by Secretary Chen. Would my salary be deducted?”

“The boss’ girlfriend not only saw, but also heard……” Xiao Yue was about to cry.

The short haired lady still looked incredulous: “It’s impossible. This little girl looks too young, and doesn’t our boss not touch women?”

“I’ve heard before that the boss really fell in love……and she looks so good-looking and has a good temperament. Maybe the boss really……”

Sister Wu also said, “Yes, yes, and in the past, wasn’t there all kinds of women coming to the boss. Which one would Secretary Chen come to bring up?”

The short haired lady quickly took out her phone and said in horror, “I have to tell them quickly!”

Immediately, the large Lin Shi groups started to shout in the group chats without Lin Zhihua——

Boss Lin’s girlfriend is here! !

Immediately, it was followed by all kinds of shock and “I wipe” exclamations, the notification of the group immediately became 99 +.

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Xue Jiao followed Chen Yan upstairs. The elevator didn’t stop halfway and went straight to the top floor.

“I’ll take it.” Chen Yan stretched out his hand.

Xue Jiao hurriedly shook her head: “No, no, I can take it.”

Chen Yan dared not say anything. Fortunately, the elevator arrived soon. Chen Yan pressed the button and made a gesture of “please.”

Xue Jiao hurried out and said with a smile, “Uncle Chen, just call me Xue Jiao.”

Chen Yan was in a panic and only dared to nod his head stiffly.

He led the way in front of her. He passed a small office, a tea room, a reception room and a large closed conference room. Lin Zhihua’s office was in the innermost corner.

There was also a table at the door, where a man and a woman sat and bowed their heads to work.

“Secretary Chen——” seeing Chen Yan and them, he immediately greeted them, and then smiled and nodded to Xue Jiao.

Chen Yan pushed open the door of Lin Zhihua’s office: “Wait in the boss’s office first. I’ll help you inform the boss.”

“No need, no need, let him have his meeting. I’ll wait a little longer.” Xue Jiao smiled and walked into Lin Zhihua’s office curiously.

Someone stood up and asked in a slightly inaudible voice, “Who is this? He let her directly into the boss’ office? Not in the reception room?”

Chen Yan looked up and whispered, “You stay out of this.”

With that, Chen Yan turned around and saw Tan Qi coming out of his small office.

“Tan Qi!”

Tan Qi turned around and said, “What’s the matter? They said you brought someone up?”

“Give me the information. I’ll send it. Here comes Gu Xuejiao. You can go to the boss’s office and take care of it.” Chen Yan stepped forward and lowered his voice.

“What? !” Tan Qi opened his mouth in surprise.

He was probably the only one in the company except Chen Yan who knew Gu Xuejiao.

Chen Yan was meaningful: “This is the chance to please the boss. Go.”

Tan Qi immediately handed the information to Chen Yan and rubbed his hands: “I will perform well!”

Chen Yan glanced at him and went straight to the conference room.

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