SOOEW Chapter 363 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game XVI

Prince Long didn’t think that he would be able to drink out a task. He gave feedback to the vice president of the guild, and the other party immediately saw it.

“This is a hidden task!”


Prince Long drank from the pot and listened to the vice president chanting in his ear.

Originally, there was a post on the forum of “chasing deer”. It said that the beggars in the novice village were rewarded with a unique hidden task for ten days in a row. The rewards were rich, which aroused the enthusiasm of the players. They began to reward the beggars everywhere and sympathize with the NPC. However, they soon found that not all NPC’s would give rewards. Usually, it is more likely that they will lose money, so they gradually restore to normal order.

“But then there was another saying that whether you can trigger the NPC is also related to the lucky value of hidden attributes. Boss, the opportunity is rare. Don’t miss it!”

For the game officials, the lucky value is like a shuffle, which gives the players who are in trouble in reality the chance to summon the wind and the rain in the game. However, compared with the helplessness to fate in reality, the lucky value in the game can increase in a certain way, which makes the real experts and talents unwilling to fall behind and devote all their energy to the game.

Compared with Wen Ying, Prince Long was born naturally with a lucky aura. At the beginning of the game, he drew a special demon hunter profession, and now he has effortlessly obtained the hidden task.

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The reason why he came to the restaurant to drink was only because he loved drinking.

In reality, most of his family’s treasures were western wines, but many of the wines in the game were brewed by the ancient method. After drinking here once, he never forgot it. Every time he goes online, he has to taste a different jar of fresh wine. The restaurant in this small town was also unique. 108 kinds of wine recipes could be reported by name for an afternoon. However, he drank less than one third of them and received a hidden task that everyone envied.

The name of the task given by the waiter is “Zhen Lou Jade Amber Wine”.

The task was not difficult. The background was that this restaurant needed a jar of Zhen Lou wine. The name of the wine was Jade Amber. The recipe for making wine lists many special materials. The vice president of the Fentian Guild added: “I have seen that some guild warehouses have them, and I can ask people to look for others in the market. However, I see that three of them, namely ‘Cicada Wings’, ‘Jade Gardenia’ and ‘Amber Stone’, have not been seen in ordinary materials. They should be special items for the task. You need to go to find the corresponding NPC to obtain the task materials.”


“Wait!” When the vice president heard the other party’s extraordinarily excited tone, he suddenly felt that it was wrong, “Boss, you have drunk, right? Wait until you wake up——”

Before he finished, Prince Long, who thought he was wordy, turned off the communication. As soon as he finishes drinking, he would be in a drunken chaotic state with 10% attack value. The only synchronization between reality and holographic games was that people who were easily drunk in the real world were also quite easily drunk in holographic games. Usually, Prince Long liked to drink wine to fight monsters in the wild. Although he may misplace his skills, he has a high level and could kill a lot of monsters with his attack value.

But doing the task was obviously different from fighting strange people. The surge of alcohol made him particularly excited.

He used the transmission array in the town to reach Weiyang City, where the task items were guided. He excitedly came to a medicine shop all the way and patted the front desk with his hand: “Do the task!”

“Do the task.”

At the same time, someone spoke with one voice.

Ling Ling’s female voice was mixed with the male voice, which made him look at each other, just in time for her to look at each other, and their eyes were opposite.

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