SAPPS Chapter 105

“Your eyes.…..” Ding Hemei has already finished the competition. There was no doubt that she received high scores. As soon as they come out, they see Wei San lying here to sleep. She thought for a long time, “it’s very chic.”

Wei San didn’t know what she meant, so she praised casually: “Senior sister is also unique.”

Ding Hemei snorted: “You didn’t secretly stay up late for training, did you? Be careful not to make a fool of yourself.”

“That is true, Wei San should have a good rest, take good care of your spirit, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.” The nice senior from before also crowded over. “Do you know why Sister Ding didn’t join the school team last term? She didn’t go there because of illness.”

Ding Hemei glared at the other: “Who told you to speak extra.” This was her lifelong regret!

“Number 536 Wei San.”

There was a call for Wei San to go to the game. She raised her spirits and headed to the game.

“Wei San, form a team with me after joining the school team!” Ding Hemei shouted from behind.

The ten shooters of the school team have the right to choose the team, and Ding Hemei has tacitly agreed that Wei San could get one seat.

As soon as Wei San entered the arena, she saw her opponent’s mecha. At first glance, she knew it was a good mecha. She was a little itchy, but in broad daylight, it was a military academy, and she still had to control her impulses.

“Wei San, work hard!”

In the middle of the playground, someone suddenly shouted with a horn, and someone held up a paper shell with the words  Wei San is the strongest’ written on it.

“Oh, before the Hephaestus competition started, there were already fans?” The judge teacher in the middle laughed.

The judge teacher on the left had sharp eyes and recognized the person who was shouting with a trumpet: “It’s Jin Ke.

Hearing the name, all the other judges turned their heads and looked: “The student next to him is…..”

Ying Chenghe stood in the crowd without expression, holding the paper shell in his hands.

Too shameful.

They had just returned from off-school training. Jin Ke hurried over and picked up a large paper shell from the garbage can. He wrote a line of words and asked him to hold it up. He took out a horn and began to shout.

The students on the playground quickly recognized them. For a moment, they didn’t know whether to envy or envy Wei San. An A-grade person could actually let two S-grade people cheer for her.

Was it her charm of flipping over the wall?

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Some students became gradually eager to flip over the wall and become famous.

After hearing the sound, Wei San blinked at the two people from the middle of the field, and then jumped into the first-class cabin to prepare for the game.

The opponent was also a medium-sized mecha. He was good at close quarters. It can be seen that after systematic training, every step can be used for teaching.

“This Wei San is still inexperienced.” The judge communicated with the teacher next to him, “her moves are not skilled enough.”

“It could be said like this, but the student opposite didn’t hurt her either.”

A judge frowned for a long time and suddenly said, “It’s one thing to be unskilled in moves, but I always feel that this Wei San has a wild style. Who taught her class?”

“The turn back attack just now was quite standard. Maybe you saw something wrong.” The judge said with a smile, “She is a military cadet, and she is still from an unknown star. Where can she go to learn to fight in a wild way?”

“That’s true.”

On the court, Wei San raised her leg and kicked the opponent’s knee. She was trying to take the opportunity of close combat to feel his mecha more. As a result, she discovered that the opponent’s left hand was raised and the shield was lifted to expose the gun barrel.


Wei San was immediately inspired. She was reluctant to let her mecha get a scratch.

Immediately, she bent down to sweep the opponent’s footwall, and took the opportunity to cut with a knife. The opponent held the knife with both hands to resist the attack.

Wei San pressed the knife down with one hand, and with the other hand, she slashed her opponent’s elbow to release his strength. At the same time, she kicked the man down and put the knife on his neck in an instant.

The middle judge stared at Wei San for a long time: “Did you guys see the end? How do I feel that she suddenly became stronger?”

“Changing between winning and losing, normal.”

Several judges made eye contact with each other and finally confirmed: “Wei San won.”

In the middle of the battlefield.

“Wei San’s control over the mecha is pretty good.” Ying Chenghe also held a hard paper shell. He was a mecha engineer. It was easy to see the fit between a mecha soldier and a mecha. It seems that she wasn’t bad as a mecha soldier. At least she was the best in the A-grades.

Jin Ke held the trumpet, but instead of speaking of Wei San, he looked around and said, “Are they also back?”


“Huo Xuanshan.”

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