SAPPS Chapter 106

Ying Chenghe put down the hard paper shell and looked down at the news on his right brain: “The teachers and them are still in the valley.”

Jin Ke looked around and said, “Then which S-grade person is still in the school? Just now, there was an S-grade perception overflowing nearby.”

The perception of the commanders was sharp and powerful. If both sides were willing, they could even control the thoughts of individual mecha soldiers through perception.

Yesterday, all the S-grade students in the grade went out to practice with the S-grade teacher. Jin Ke and Ying Chenghe returned to school ahead of time. According to normal standards, they should still be outside the school and there should not be any S-grade in the school.

“You forgot that Senior Shen Tu is still at school.” Ying Chenghe didn’t care much. “It’s normal to feel unstable just after the game.”

“……en.” That moment was so fast that Jin Ke even doubted whether he had captured the S-grade perception. “It may be that Senior Shen Tu passed by.”

After the first match, Wei San crowded over and pulled on the paper shell in Ying Chenghe’s hand: “You guys quite free.”

“We actually came back in advance to help you.” Jin Ke smiled and said, “Please invite us to dinner later.”

“No money, no way.” Wei San flatly refused, “It’s obviously you who found an excuse to be lazy.”

Jin Ke turned off the horn and immediately stood aside with Wei San: “Then let Chenghe invite us to dinner.”

“My card is out of money.” Ying Chenghe stood impassively on the other side of Wei San, then looked at Jin Ke, “Why don’t you invite us to dinner.”

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“We vote.” Wei San pointed to herself and Ying Chenghe. “Two to one, Jin Ke pays.”

Jin Ke: “……Chenghe, you have changed.”

Ying Chenghe smiled. He seemed to begin to understand why Jin Ke said that the more stingy he was, the happier he will be. It’s really pleasant to see the heartache on the face of the person who is required to spend money.

Wei San has another battle, but it seems it would still take some time. She got the number of the next battle and went to the canteen with them first.

Jin Ke followed Wei San and watched her order. He looked distressed: “This much, can you finish eating so much?” It’s all money.

“I’m still growing.” Wei San spoke seriously.

Jin Ke just wanted to say that they were almost adults. He looked at Wei San carefully and was shocked: “Have you grown taller?” They haven’t even finished a semester yet.

Wei San reached out to compare their heights. She already reached Jin Ke’s chin and said, “When I grow up, I should be taller than you.”

Jin Ke silently ordered another dish: “No, I am also growing up.”

Commander Jin was wondering whether he should get a shot of genetic modifier.

Ying Chenghe, standing at the back, had his eyes on Wei San. It has to be said that she has the typical characteristics of all excellent mecha soldiers: she was tall, already one meter seven, had a large appetite, and required a lot of nutrition. She also had a high degree of control over the mecha.

Such a person actually had a great interest in mecha engineering, and sometimes she asked questions that he hadn’t even thought about.

“Short and smart.” Wei San said to Jinke with her plate in her hand, “You are a commander, it’s better to be a little shorter?”

“Fallacy.” Jin Ke immediately retorted, “Ying Xingjue has a tall height.”

“Have you seen him?”

“That’s not it. I went to the Imperial Military Academy forum to read the gossip about the imperial double stars.”

“What double star?”

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