SOOEW Chapter 364 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game XVII

The owner of the medicine shop was an old man with a long white beard. He gave a slow “Oh” and asked, “Who released the task?”

“The waiter of Chunfeng Restaurant.”

“The waiter of Chunfeng Restaurant.”

“Yi?” The old man looked at the synchronized voices and smoothed his beard. “There is only one reward for this task. First come, first served, that is, whoever completes it first will get the reward. You both……”

Before he finished speaking, he saw Prince Long turn sideways and say to Wen Ying, who had received the same task, “I am Prince Long.”


“Haven’t you heard of the name of Prince Long of the Fentian guild?” He looked at the woman wearing a cloak in front of him strangely, as if his trench was shining and no one would know, “How much money do you need to give up this task?”

When he saw that the other party had tactfully extended a finger, he immediately said, “A hundred liang? Alright.”

“——One hundred million.”

A cold voice came from under the hood, like a sudden snow hitting him. He shivered with the cold, and then angrily said, “Are you blackmailing ah? !”

“Don’t open your mouth if you can’t afford it.” She ignored him and went to see the boss.

“Ai, don’t fight. Old man Yu Zhizi has two jobs. The uniqueness says that when you hand in the task, you guys received the task from the same person right? Who will report to him first will count as the one to complete the task, so……”

The two looked at each other again, and the atmosphere was tense.

The requirements of the medicine shop were convenient, cash in one hand and goods on the other.

Prince Long was extremely quick to pay, his speed amazing others. He rushed to the next place immediately after settling the bill.

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Wen Ying slowed down a step, but the requirement of the next material “cicada wings” was that the cicada keepers ask them to find the two with the thinnest wings among the numerous cicadas. The trees full of cicadas were noisy, making the drunken crown prince’s head swell. In addition, as high as his luck was, it could not be higher than Wen Ying’s. She found it without much effort.

With the last Amber Stone, the two people almost finished the task at the same time, got the reward, and ran to the transmission array.

At this level, there was still no mount, the two competed purely based on their leg strength.

With Wen Ying’s profession, her legs are short, and the demon catcher’s speed was not slow. In addition, Prince Long was rich and powerful. 7’s speed shoes beat Wen Ying. She didn’t even think before aiming at the target and she used the sight interference skill of “demon fog”!

Prince Long felt the fog in front of him and almost ran into someone else’s house. When the effect passed, Wen Ying had surpassed him!

As soon as he raised his eyebrows, treat others how they have treated you and he gave her a decelerating state.

So, when most people were in the small town stage and the people were in the city for a short time, they saw two people running in the street and pulling each other’s legs, using skills that would not cause harm——to prevent the city guards from going out and them being caught, then thrown in prison——to control each other.

In the last section of the road, seeing that Wen Ying had already run into the transmission array, Prince Long was in a hurry, and the demon catcher’s control skills started with “tying demon ropes”——

The whip-like rope sent a strong wind and wrapped around the woman’s waist!

He pulled her in his arms with a thunderous force and trapped her firmly. When he realized that the person in his arms was struggling fruitlessly, he laughed and said, “You dare use demoves moves against me? I want to see where else you are going——”

As she struggled, the hood on her head fell down, and the woman’s face could be said to be the most beautiful. There was no part that was not bright and there was a heart moving color in her fine eyebrows and eyes. Even her lips were light, but it felt like watching the moon climb up the willow head, showing a sense of three delicacies, two coolness, and five indefinability. It was like her pearls with dark light, attracting people’s attention.

“…….run.” He was stunned when he said the last word.

Captivating appearasnce, maybe that’s what this was addressing.

She took advantage of his unpreparedness and immediately raised her hand, “Wind blade!”

In the sun, the light in her hand flashed like a sharp weapon toward him. He subconsciously let go of her hand and let her run into the transmission array.

“Ping’an Town.”

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