SOOEW Chapter 365 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game XVIII

When she finished speaking to the guard, she shook the hairpin in her hands, which had no power to attack him. She pursed her lips as if laughing at him, and soon disappeared with the shining light of the transmission array.

Prince Long was so angry that he immediately dialed out the communication of the vice president, “Help me find a woman! Now! At this moment! In this second!”

Vice President: “……ah? What woman?”

Prince Long: “A profession who likes to wear cloaks and can release smoke skills, but her face is the most characteristic.”

Vice President: “Be more specific?”

Prince Long: “Very beautiful.”

Vice President: “……”

Prince Long: “Very beautiful!”

Vice President: “……haven’t you woken up from your drunken stupor yet?”

Prince Long: “Really! She’s definitely a beautiful woman you’ve never seen in your whole life! This fucking grandpa has never seen such a beautiful woman! !”

Vice President: “……” Who is to blame for your long hair and short insight?

Prince Long didn’t know what his subordinates had said about him. He recalled that face and added a few more specific descriptions. He suddenly discovered something.


Ping’an town? She wanted to go back to Ping’an town? !

However, the waiter who issued the task to him……was clearly in Jixiang town!

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After receiving the reward, Wen Ying found that it was a multi unique task. Multi unique means that there are the same location and the same NPC in different towns, each sending a unique task. So, in fact, she and Prince Long don’t have to fight at all. They could both receive rewards from their task-release NPC.

Later, she also found that this was not only a unique task, but also a serial task. When a serial task is not completed, the reward experience is not rich, but after completing all the levels, you will get rich rewards.

With the information she knows, this was just a task with rich experience rewards. She doesn’t know if her own lucky aura has changed it.

Shi Lan: “You haven’t been promoted yet?”

Luo Ying: “Not yet, I met something a little unexpected.”

Shi Lan: “I found a good place to practice leveling. Several members of the regiment are there. Will you come too?”

One of the advantages of joining a guild was that there are many benefits. Those who can stay in the guild were all experts on the list. It was much more convenient for everyone to exchange their needs and take care of each other. It was much more convenient than practicing level silently. As soon as she arrived, some members of the League rushed up: “Ying Ying, you are here at last! The monster was so uncontrollable that it almost climbed up and scared Xiao Tiantian to death.”

The person next to him asked: “……who is Xiao Tiantian?”

“Me ah, me!”

The surroundings vomited loudly.

“Keep your mouth shut.” Shi Lan, the commander, stopped them, took out a set of equipment from the space and threw it to her. “It’s hard to find your profession’s equipment. These are some you can wear first. Is the hairpin from before that added attack still there?”

“Here.” She seemed to think of something and said, “It works pretty well.”

“That level is too low. I heard that there will be attack jewelry without professional restrictions here. If it comes out, I will change it for you.” It’s reasonable that whatever group hits must be handed over to the guild warehouse, and then received from the warehouse according to their own contribution points, except for private level training.

After getting along with Shi Lan for a long time, and in a game world with an antique background you will find that the other party has shaved his head. His eyes are sharp and seem very manly. However, he is the nanny in the team. He was very delicate. Everyone affectionately calls him “Little nanny Lanlan”.

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