WFILTU Chapter 480 – Madam VI

“Jiao Jiao, I’m very happy today. This is the happiest I’ve been ever since I grew up.” Lin Zhihua took Xue Jiao by the hand and sent her downstairs.

Elder Lin had trained him as an heir and was so strict with him that he seldom played like a child.

Moreover, he was young and mature, and had few friends. It was difficult for him to get along with others.

When he became an adult, he went away sad and came back later to take over the Lin family.

Happiness and excitement all happened after meeting Xue Jiao.

“Will it be like this in the future?” When they got downstairs, he looked at Xue Jiao.

A pair of deep eyes, staring at her closely, with caution and anxiety.

Xue Jiao was a little distressed. He tightened his hand and nodded with a smile.

“It will. I am free in the evening. We will have a date again when you are not busy.”

“Alright.…..” Lin Zhihua held Xue Jiao in his hand, and his eyes were gentle.

Xue Jiao looked at him, stood on tiptoe for a moment, and kissed him on the chin.

“There will be happier times,” she said softly


“When we get married.” With that, Xue Jiao turned and ran away.

Lin Zhihua was stunned for a long time. Then he raised his hand and touched the place where he was just kissed. The corners of his mouth were high and his eyes were full of smiles.


God treated him very well. The first twenty years were hard. It was all waiting for this person.

With this person, she will give his barren years, flowers and prosperity.

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The next day, their project held another meeting.

Xue Jiao had breakfast and arrived at the laboratory at the same time as yesterday. Today, she was the first person besides Chu Sheng.

Fortunately, they didn’t wait long, and the others came one after another.

After sitting at the table, Zhang Han didn’t talk nonsense. She directly asked, “What do you think about the project after last night?”

Yang Zhan shrugged and sighed: “I’m still saying what I said. We really don’t need to waste any more time. There are still many projects we need to do. We can turn our attention to other aspects. There’s no need to stare at this illusory flying car project.”

Chu Sheng took a deep breath, glanced over the crowd, and whispered, “I think we can’t give up. This is really a new field. There is no previous experience, but no matter what the results are, we are the predecessors. I remember Gu Xuejiao said, senior brother Yang Zhan, we can stand on the shoulders of giants, and we can also be giants. We can’t stop moving forward just because there is no direction, otherwise human technology will be difficult to progress.”

Yang Zhan looked at him, frowning slightly. He was also very tangled, but he was not willing to continue.

At this time, Zhang Han suddenly said, “I want to continue to do it. I think this project is valuable, and it is too early to give up.”

Yang Zhan looked at Zhang Han, and the other side looked back firmly.

“Alright, since senior sister is willing to insist, let’s continue. I’m following her closely!” Yang Zhan raised his brows.

At this time, the other three people were sensitive to Yang Zhan and Zhang Han.……was there something wrong?

Yang Zhan doesn’t want to continue the project, but Zhang Han continues to insist……

Zhang Han glared at him and said, “Then let’s discuss the direction.”

“We have.…..”

A few people began to talk, but still as usual, they were confused.

How could they overcome the gravity of a speeding car?

The existing superimposed magnetic field could only float very light pieces of paper, with a little focus, let alone let a very heavy flying car float.

Xue Jiao listened, her eyes drifting away.

Zhang Han noticed that Xue Jiao seemed to be thinking about something. She didn’t take notes and she didn’t turn her eyes.

“What are you thinking about?”

As her words fell to the ground. The original discussion immediately lost its voice and all of them looked at Xue Jiao.

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