SOOEW Chapter 366 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game XIX

The place he was looking for to practice leveling was called Ying Yuepo. It was not a high slope. There were a lot of small monsters below. They controlled the field belonging to the control system. If the long-range attack profession continued to attack several times, they could brush a wave of experience. Wen Ying has become interested in commanding since she hastily commanded a replica battle. The demon profession has always been biased towards the control department, and she was going to look in this direction to promote her props.

After continuously brushing for 3 levels, Wen Ying suddenly heard someone say, “The boss asked who was near Ying Yuepo on the guild channel.”

“What’s the matter?”

“Liu Yan is blocked by people from Heifeng. The boss has something to do. Let’s help.”

“How dare the Heifeng trash be arrogant in Wushuang territory? Brothers, smash the guy, go!”

Shi Lan frowned. Although he had been unhappy with Liu Yan in the copy, they were in a guild after all. He could not tolerate them being bullied by others. He immediately counted the number of people, including Wen Ying, and the team rushed to the coordinates of Liu Yan.

When they arrived, Liu Yan was blocked by Heifeng at the side of a towering ancient tree. They had not started yet, but used their skills to control her and several companions so that they could not get away.

As soon as the people from Wushuang arrived, Liu Yan immediately lit up her eyes and shouted to Shi Lan, “commander!”

The people of Heifeng immediately sneered and widened the encirclement circle, simply blocking them here to prevent them from robbing people. Although all the members of the regiment were elites, Heifeng had a large number of people, and they dared not fight directly. They could only ask someone to relieve Liu Yan from her state, while Shi Lan came forward to negotiate: “Bullying women is nothing. If you have the ability, you can meet us in the challenge arena!”

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“Hehe, bullying women is not a skill, but this is not an ordinary woman.” The other side laughed sarcastically, “we all know that it’s no use talking! This woman is not white enough to calm our pent up tone!”

“In front of us, you want to fight against a person from Wushuang? What a big tone.” Shi Lan didn’t get angry but smiled. “Why? Your president has been cheated by someone, so he has to fight from keyboard games to holography, and everyone knows that he has lost his face?”

The other party was furious: “you!”

“What are you arguing about?” A voice with a touch of irony sounded, “I deserve to be cheated. Am I afraid that people will know? I really hope people all over the world will come and see how Wushuang city won the first city name.”

The people of Heifeng shouted at the visitor: “president!”

“I have to join in the excitement.” Prince Long and Duhuo appeared together. He raised his eyebrows and showed his arrogance. “Mobei wants to protect her. Yes, I don’t like to bully women. You let her get out by herself. As long as he is willing to replace this woman, our previous grievances will be written off and we will do what we say!”

“Chairman Huotian!”

Shi Lan could not help shouting at him.

Compared with Duhuo, Prince Long has always been known for his love and loyalty. Shi Lan has worked with the other party before. It could be said that apart from the camp, they were quite similar in temperament. In fact, he thought that Wushuang had also gone too far in this matter, but he could not know the decision of the top level. Moreover, it was not common for guilds to arrange spies among each other. It could only be said that no one would expect that anyone could go so far.

But now was not the time to think about this. Prince Long is followed by a group of Fentian people, who were together with Heifeng’s people. Wushuang people here immediately felt the pressure on his head like a rock, and secretly cried this was bad.

But the losers did not lose. They gritted their teeth and hardened their heads. The tension between the two sides reached its climax!

“What you want to kill is nothing more than Feixue and Fuyi, but what if she isn’t?”

Just then, he saw that Wen Ying had taken a step forward and stepped out of the crowd.

“Wen Ying? !” Shi Lan had no time to stop her. He could only watch her go to the front!

Duhuo was a little surprised when he saw her. Before he said anything, he heard that both Heifeng and Fentian people laughed at her words. Some people laughed at her and asked loudly, “If she is not the Charming Beauty. Then it’s you?”

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