SOOEW Chapter 367 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game XX

“Shut up.” Duhuo heard the ridicule of the guild members, and there was an unknown reason to feel harsh, “what’s so funny?”

The member was stunned and said, “.…..President?”

Duhuo didn’t expect that she would stand put. She shouldn’t be the one to take the lead in the argument. Mobei’s men raised a bunch of garbage. They asked a player who had just joined the regiment to confront them.

He doesn’t want to be accused of bullying girls.

As soon as the voice was silent, both Heifeng and Wushuang people felt puzzled. President Heifeng was always merciless, like a live hedgehog. Why did he suddenly swallow the thorn?!

Who knows, there was a helping voice from Prince Long next to him, “that’s right, laugh what fart?!”

People were even more confused.

“?” Duhuo couldn’t help looking at him.

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He suddenly discovered that he was excited. He looked crazy and hissed, “Are your dog’s eyes blind. You must be a beauty first.” He pointed to the Liuyan in his hand. “This is called beauty?”

The crowd turned around in the direction he pointed out, and was taking Liuyan’s astonishment into their eyes.

In reality, she was really a beauty. However, the proportion in the game was reduced by 50%, and she became a mere beautiful appearance. It was also moving to please and be obedient. However, she was disheartened just after arguing with Heifeng’s players. In addition, when she heard Prince Long’s questioning, her unbelievable expression was a little ugly, which made everyone cough.

In the keyboard era, the Charming Beauty in the game was really beautiful, but what was more outstanding was her style.

Liuyan’s embarrassed appearance does not conform to the image of a beautiful woman in people’s mind.

At the moment when the crowd was silent, the demon rope waved a strong wind and went straight to Wen Ying. They didn’t expect that he would suddenly start. Suddenly, Wen Ying raised the hood on her head.

Her face was exposed to the air, causing a harsh intake of breath.

“That’s what we call beauty.”

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