WFILTU Chapter 484 – Fox IV

On this side, Lin Zhihua got in the car.

Chen Yan respectfully said, “Boss, when will you arrange to meet with President Wang?”

“No meeting.”

“Ah?” Chen Yan was stunned.

Lin Zhihua looked out of the window and sneered, “I broke up with President Xiao on this side. The surnamed Wang will definitely open his mouth like a lion. Less than 40%, they won’t agree. We need to hang surnamed Xiao for two days. When he is in a hurry, he will reduce half of the profits, and then sign the contract.”

Chen Yan was slightly stunned, so……from 70 to 75, an increase of 5%, which is also tens of millions of interests……

He looked up at Lin Zhihua beside him, and his heart was full of admiration. A few words made tens of millions!

Lin Zhihua thought about how to deal with it after seeing Che Xiaoxuan at the door.

No wonder Che Xiaoxuan said that she would make tea for him, Lin Zhihua didn’t respond. If it had been before, his face would have been frozen.

And Lin Zhihua looked out of the window in a trance. He thought of Jiao Jiao.

Was she working on a project? Has she had dinner?

Like a soul in his heart, Lin Zhihua’s phone shook, belonging to the exclusive sound of Xue Jiao.

The corner of his mouth raised and opened——

[End at 6:00 this afternoon!]

Lin Zhihua’s eyes lit up, and then turned to Chen Yan: “schedule all the arrangements for this evening to the afternoon, and it must all be finished before six o’clock.”

“OK, boss.” Chen Yan nodded.


Six o’clock, Xue Jiao packs her things.

“Little junior sister is leaving?” Chu Sheng raised his eyebrows.

In the past, he was called by name, but Yang Zhan’s daily little junior sister, little junior sister, caused all of them to call her little junior sister.

Even Chu Sheng began to call little junior sister.

“Well, you guys continue, I’ll take these reasonings back to finish.” Xue Jiao packed her schoolbag.

“Little junior sister, is this going on a date?” Chu Sheng faintly smiled.

Xue Jiao chuckled and nodded calmly, “yes, so I’ll go first. Bye-bye.”

She left the lab with her bag on her back.

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As a woman with a boyfriend, it is natural to make reasonable arrangements in both work and feelings.

Work takes up the most time, but you can’t not allocate time to your love life.

Now their project is in the accelerating stage. Xue Jiao plans to finish work at 6 p.m. every two days, and then make an appointment with Lin Zhihua.

When she reached the school gate, Lin Zhihua’s car also drove over.

Xue Jiao opened the door, sat down and held the bag in front of her chest.

Lin Zhihua raised his mouth, “Shall we go to dinner? And then watch a movie?”


“What would you like to eat?”

Xue Jiao stretched out her slender fingers, nodded her chin and said, “Let’s have western food today.”

“OK.” Lin Zhihua nodded and turned the car around.

He drove seriously, but he asked doubtfully, “Why did you end work so early today?”

Xue Jiao smiled and turned to him, “Because I want to date you.”

Lin Zhihua hand shook and he coughed, “Oh.”

A moment later, he added, “I also want to.”

Xue Jiao also covered her mouth and laughed.

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