SAPPS Chapter 109

Massacre day, 8 p.m.

The auditorium of the largest challenge arena on the third floor of the underground was full of spectators. There were several people sitting in the VIP box at the top, including men and women.

“How are the people Death God is fighting doing today?”

“The new ones in L3 are estimated to have little strength.”

“When Death God is there, there is something to see.” The man closest to the window looked at the woman in front of the opposite table, “Li Que, was your brother’s mecha taken out and transformed some time ago?”

The woman held a long and thin cigarette, then stretched out her index finger and middle finger to hold the cigarette, and spit out a smoke ring: “All the internal joint parts of the mecha have been replaced with S-grade. At present, no one below the championship can beat my brother.”

“A-grade can use S-grade things. Avril has some skills.” The meaning of the man near the private room was unknown.

One hour before the game, the audience was already excited because Death God had come out and signed for the audience.

“Death God! Death God!”

The fans in the back shouted loudly, desperately raising the banners in their hands.

Every year, the tickets and videos on the third floor of the underground factory were extremely profitable. There were few people who could drive a fighter mecha wherever they were. Most people have low perception and could only use ornamental mecha all their lives. These people project their wishes to the players they like, and are very willing to spend money on them. In recent years, there has also been a trend of support.

The violent play of the Death God was very popular with the mainstream. The less they had, the more they repressed, the more they needed to release. It was not surprising that the audience here was so crazy.

“Why hasn’t the opponent come out yet?”

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“Maybe she was scared and she’s going to abandon the game.”

“If you abstain from the game on the day of the massacre, this player will be kicked out of the underground factory and all points will be cleared.”

“It’s not like no contestant did this before. Who wants to meet the Death God?”


On the Massacre Day in previous years, the contestants would come out one hour in advance to give the audience contact time. No one came out at the other end. The audience had to make various guesses.

‘Scared out of her wits’ Wei San was still sleeping. After watching her opponent’s game video all day, she couldn’t help lying down. She set an alarm clock and got up at 8:40 pm.

She stepped over on the dot, and the audience had already thought that Bowing to Life had defaulted and abstained, waiting for the organizer to pick someone to compete again. As a result, at 8:50 pm Wei San came in from the entrance of the track.

“She really came?”

“I just watched some videos of her and heard that she has a nickname, called demolition mania.”

“What do you mean?”

“In every game, she loves to dismantle other people’s mecha. It seems that she has some skills.”

The audience’s curiosity to Bowing to Life reached the extreme, and they shouted: “Compete! Compete!”

Wei San stood at the entrance of the track, looked at the mecha already standing on the stage and stretched her wrist with movements. Then she released the mecha, entered the cabin and walked slowly towards the challenge arena.

The Death God was facing Wei San. He raised his hand to his neck and slashed his throat.

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