SOOEW Chapter 368 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game XXI

His words seemed to be the final word, making it impossible for people to say half a word of refutation.

The image of people in holographic online games was generally better looking than in reality. There were 100% players everywhere. No matter whether they were men or women, they could always see many handsome men and beautiful women wherever they went. Over time, the public couldn’t help feeling tired and the excitement was getting higher and higher.


There was still someone who would amaze everyone.

Some people were born with heavy makeup. They shine brightly when standing on the modern stage, while others are naturally bright and introverted. They have an ancient meaning that was difficult for others to imitate. They were particularly outstanding in this picturesque ancient background game. Wen Ying was the latter. Her facial features were beautiful, and she had a unique charm. Her appearance without makeup was like a lotus in clear water, with natural beauty. And her eyes were the most attractive. The cool beauty has a pair of full eyes. If she doesn’t smile at you, you just want to make her laugh. If she smiles at you, it seems as if the ice and snow are melting. It feels like you are willing to hold the world in front of her.

“Ah, ah, ah, I’ve seen her. Someone posted a post on the forum before. It’s said that someone took a picture of her in the novice village. It’s a shocking beauty!”

“Isn’t this that white fog demon right? She was beaten as the boss of the mountain forest demon. Later, they learned that it was a player. It is said that she lost her voice after the novice village.…..”

“.……what’s the reason? Have all the beauties in the game gone to Wushuang Guild?!”

After they were surprised, different reactions came from all directions. Strange names were added to Wen Ying’s head one by one. Some people went offline to brush up the forum. Suddenly, everyone’s attention was shifted.

Duhuo suddenly saw her like this, and was as stunned as Prince Long for the first time.

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When he finally recovered, his first reaction was not that “her face had changed with reality”, but that “how could Prince Long know what she looked like”. His eyes could not help but wander between them.

Prince Long’s sudden appearance made the situation especially embarrassing.

Liu Yan’s companion easily recovered. Seeing Liu Yan looking like she was about to cry, she thought of what had just happened. She blushed and shouted to the person across the street: “obviously, it is you who are crying and shouting to make Xiaoyan the Charming Beauty. No one listened to Xiaoyan’s explanation. Now she doesn’t match her looks. What do you want? Bullying people can’t be so excessive right?!”

Prince Long was about to speak when Duhuo interrupted him. He didn’t care about the guild members, but looked directly at Wen Ying and asked, “what did you mean when you said she wasn’t the Charming Beauty?”

“Literally.” Wen Ying said.

She had just been taken off guard and her hood was lifted, and managed to resist the impulse of rolling her eyes at Prince Long. After all, now she is playing a cold beauty, and she doesn’t want to be defeated by the other party. At the beginning, she didn’t mean to hide her appearance. It was only because there was too much noise in the novice village that she covered it up. Later, she got used to it. It was strange to take off her cloak rashly.

But since she was picked out by Prince Long, she simply stopped covering up. She generously placed her cloak into the space and asked Liu Yan, “when did you start playing games? I mean keyboard online games.”

“Last year?” Liu Yan was asked by her and answered unprepared.

“If I remember correctly, the time when Feixue and Fuyi appeared was the year before last, and the timeline is inconsistent.”

“Did she deliberately say the wrong time?”

“But the mall won’t help her lie together.” Wen Ying said, “when did she buy a game with a computer and VR glasses? As long as the bill is there, it can be seen at a glance.”

Heifeng guild: “……”

Fentian guild: “…….”

Wushuang guild: “…… Eh?”

Unexpectedly it makes sense.

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