SAPPS Chapter 110

When the audience saw the action of the Death God through the real-time light curtain, they immediately shouted excitedly. Some even shouted loudly: “Death! Death! Death! ! !”

It seemed that they couldn’t wait to see her die in the challenge arena.

Wei San was not affected at all. She checked all the performance of her mecha and waited for the referee to say to start.

At nine o’clock sharp, the game started on time.

At that second, the Death God approached Wei San at an extreme speed and grabbed directly at her neck with his, obviously not giving her a chance to quit the game.

In the mecha cabin, the hand speed of Wei San programming the control panel also soared to the extreme, but the mecha was still a beat slower. Although she escaped the deadly attack of the death god, her left shoulder was caught and she could not retreat. Her right hand machete immediately cut at death god’s arm. However, the other party grasped her shoulder with one hand and directly threw her to the ground.

With the help of a single knee, Wei San knelt down. For a moment, she was stunned. Death God was approaching again. He pulled out an octagonal hammer and smashed at her head.


The octagonal hammer hit the ground of the challenge arena, and suddenly a pit was formed.

Wei San ducked. She opened the distance between them. Her hand speed did not slow down from the beginning. She frowned and looked at the opposite mecha through the mecha window.

The parameter was incorrect.

From the beginning, the speed of the Death God’s mecha was not as fast as that of a heavy mecha. After watching his previous game all day today, the speed of the Death God could only be said to be ok. If the mecha was modified, the strength will be weakened after the speed is increased. Whether the Death God held her shoulder and fell to the ground, or the strength of the octagonal hammer was completely in line with, or even exceeded the strength of the general heavy mecha.

After several misses, the Death God became more and more violent. The attack became heavier and heavier each time. There was no intention to leave behind a hand.

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“It really deserves to be the work of Avril. I’m afraid even I’ll have to work hard to defeat the modified mecha if i meet it head on.” The man looked at the woman across the table and said, “Congratulations.”

Some time ago, Avril was under the command of women.

“After the competition, I’ll let him play with you.” The woman looked down at her hand on the table. “Come here, I can ask Avril to help you.”

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The man refused, “I’m pretty good now too.”

“Whatever you want.” Li Que hissed and looked down at the challenge arena.

Death God had several more knife marks on his body, and even half of his face was cut by Wei San with a machete, at the cost of her arm being directly pulled off by him.

The Death God threw the severed arm on the ground, howled madly, and opened the ion cannon to aim at the arm and beat it to pieces.

This provocative and waste of competition time made the audience excited and shouted to Wei San on the challenge arena: “Die! Die!”

After losing the arm of her mecha, Wei San immediately adjusted. She didn’t know what changes the other mecha had made. She felt more and more suppressed in the battle. It was not strength, but a problem with the mecha.

Wei San has always been used to being suppressed by the opponent’s mecha. In particular, the underground factory’s mecha was reconstructed with various miscellaneous parts. In addition to the quality of this pair of double chain machetes, the overall quality should be at the lower middle level.

But now, even if she changes into Blood Drops, she may not be able to win against Death God quickly.

His mecha……

Was it better than Blood Drops?

Not necessarily. Blood Drops had already belonged to the top-level A-grade mecha, and all the data was coordinated and balanced to the point that the Wei San could not move any hands or feet.

Wei San turned a single machete into a round shield to resist the shell attack from the Death God.

This move stunned the audience.

“This is also fine?”

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