SOOEW Chapter 369 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game XXII

When Liu Yan heard this, her heart suddenly jumped. From the very beginning, she discovered that everything was going beyond her control. The woman in front of her brought her an unprecedented sense of crisis. She let herself calm down and said, “but the bill…”

At the beginning of her words, Wen Ying looked at her, “if you are e-shopping, you can find records in historical orders, and physical stores can query the bank flow. Since you want to clarify your identity, you might as well put the factual evidence in front of them. Or do you admit that you are the Charming Beauty?”

“No, no, no…”

Liu Yan shook her head repeatedly to retort. How could she admit that she was the Charming Beauty? If she was forced too hard, she could admit it with tears in her eyes, and find an opportunity to clarify it in the future. However, if she admitted it in the current situation again, it would not be convincing in the future.

Her original safe thinking has changed, and her heart is restless.

Who was this woman in front of him? She doesn’t know her game name. No one she knows is so powerful. Such a face can’t be recorded!

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Duhuo’s eyes finally turned to Liu Yan. The “final battle” left a deep impression on him. When she stabbed him with a dagger, for a moment, he seemed to feel a palpitation. The woman in front of him does have her face, or it was the same as the photo she put on the forum, but when he tried to splice together their feelings, he could not feel any similarity.

“For the last time, are you Feixue?”

“…… I am not.”

“Are you also not Fuyi?” Prince Long followed the trend and asked.


“Alright.” Duhuo seemed to glance at Wen Ying casually, “I believe you.”

Liu Yan: “…” she suddenly didn’t know what to say. She asked, “Then the bill?”

“Feel free.”

Liu Yan turned to see Prince Long. She only saw that he suddenly lost interest, waved his hand and said, “Just send the bill to the vice president of Fentian. If you are really not that woman, then I am sorry towards you. I will apologize to you publicly.”

The current trend has let Wushuang people become silly. The leader Shi Lan suddenly became dumb and didn’t know how to answer, but heard Wen Ying say: “it’s not good to only apologize. Are the two presidents not prepared to consider compensation for the losses of Wushuang in this period of time?”

Prince Long was infuriated. “Why, she is not the Charming Beauty, so I won’t settle accounts with you guys? It’s reasonable for you to protect the original?”

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