SAPPS Chapter 111

“Bowing to Life has some skills. She could meet against Death God so many times.”

“Her mecha is too bad. Otherwise, she can still fight.”

Death God kept approaching. Seizing the opportunity of Wei San’s stupidity, the octagonal hammer directly hit her armor chest.

Wei San and the mecha fell to the ground.

“It’s over, its over. This Bowing to Life, is really going to lose her head.”

As they all know, the favorite move of the Death God was to tear off the head of his opponent’s mecha.

Wei San fell to the ground. Despite the pain, the Death God once again waved his octagonal hammer. This time it was aimed at the mecha cabin.

He wanted to kill her.

Wei San controlled the mecha, kicked at the octagonal hammer with her legs, and the Death God roared with his fists.

He stared at the position of the mecha cabin to attack. As soon as Wei San vomited blood, the Death God directly picked her up and threw to the ground with the mecha.


Wei San was beaten so angry that she didn’t even wipe the blood on her mouth. She directly controlled the mecha to turn over and kick him in the head.

The Death God was kicked and paused for a second. Wei San grabbed his neck with one hand and also gave him a back fall.

She was also held by the Death God and they fell together. The ion cannon of the other party had been aimed at her mecha cabin.

With an expressionless face, Wei San manipulated the single arm of the mecha and dismantled his ion cannon at an angle and speed invisible to the audience.

Before the competition, the Death God didn’t even know what type of mecha she was. What’s more, he didn’t know that she could dismantle his weapon on the spot and was stunned.

Wei San didn’t give him a chance to breathe at all. She punched the Death God headon.

Shit, was an amazing mecha everything! Hit her? And destroyed her arm too. Fuck your mother, she has to spend money again.

The more she thought about it, the more angry she became. She threw his arm at him with full strength.

“……the Death God seemed to have flattened his head.”

The audience murmured.

In the private room.

“Next time, maybe let Avril reinforce your brother’s mecha head, so that he won’t be beaten flat by others.” The man near the door said “kindly”.

“I don’t need your concern,” Li Que glared.

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After a few hits with all her strength, Wei San found that her remaining arm was about to be destroyed. She simply stopped and began to dismantle his mecha with her nearly destroyed hand.

She removed the hands and feet to expose the inner joints.

Wei San squinted at the pale gold joints. She hasn’t seen the joints made of this material yet, so this mecha had its hands and feet moved here?

After understanding this, Wei San got up, smashed the first compartment of the Death God’s mecha with her last punch, directly took out the unconscious person and left the challenge arena.

The last arm was completely useless. It cracked from the arm, and all the fingers and tools hidden in the palm were crushed.

Seeing that the referee hadn’t announced her win, Wei San thought about it and kicked the Death God’s mecha off the challenge arena.


Many people in the audience took a breath, this was a provocative move.

But…….the Death God fainted on the stage. It doesn’t matter how arrogant she was.

At this time, the referee finally recovered: “Congratulations to Bowing to Life for winning the PK victory. Five million star coins will be awarded as the Massacre Day reward!”

Hearing the news, Wei San felt refreshed. It seemed that the Massacre Day was not bad.

At the same time, she received the reward share of the previous bet on her head.

……how could someone else have chosen her?

“Bowing to Life. Do you have anything to say?” When the referee saw that Wei San came out of the head cabin, he immediately came to ask.

Wei San glanced at the audience, bowed her head and said to the microphone held by the referee, “Whoever destroys my mecha, die.”

“Ying.” The only male audience member in the audience who voted for Wei San held his face in both hands. “When she doesn’t engage in coquettish operations, she is so handsome.”

The friend next to him felt like throwing up the next night’s meal when he saw such an affectation.


In the box, Li Que clapped her hand on the table and her eyes were cold: “Bowing to Life……I’ll remember you.”

“Li Que, what happened in the underground factory has always been solved in the underground factory.” The man by the door reminded her.

In the past, there have been incidents of players seeking revenge outside, which have had a bad impact. Now the underground factory has prohibited such acts, otherwise the underground factory will pursue and kill them.

“In the underground factory, she will eventually have to compete.” With that, Li Que waved her sleeve and went away.

As soon as Wei San walked out of the track, she held onto the wall and spat out another mouthful of blood. She didn’t care about wiping it off.

The underground factory’s mecha was completely destroyed. When she put it away just now, she glanced at it and the engine was probably burnt out.

However, the rewards and bets of the competition were divided. She looked at them and could make a new mecha. It would still be a pretty good one.

Wei San thought of this and thought that today’s game was good, and she didn’t suffer any losses.

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