SAPPS Chapter 112

The underground factory has four underground floors.

In a certain room, the game between Wei San and the Death God was playing.

“The game lasted 27 minutes and 6 seconds. To be more exact, it took only 5 minutes and 4 seconds for the player Bowing to Life to turn defeat into victory. During this period, she also tore apart the Death God’s mecha.” The middle-aged man in black silk pajamas leaned back on his chair and raised his hand to the person next to him, “What’s in the palm of her mecha?”

“It’s a knife mixed with Youjin.” The person who was also sitting at the table before explained, “It looks like a tool used by us mecha engineers.”

“So she used this to dismantle the mecha?” The middle-aged man hnged, and his eyes remained on the light projection next to him. “Today’s children play hard. They dress up as pigs and eat tigers.”

Beside the light projection that played the video of the Wei San, there was the battle of West Landing.


Wei San dragged her wounds back to school. Fortunately, it was dark at night and no one could see the wound on her face clearly.

Just now she finished the competition, and it was difficult for her to get out of the mecha cabin, because a large concave part on the right side was stuck to half of her body, and her face was injured at that time.

Thinking that it was all skin injuries, Wei San didn’t bother to lie in the treatment cabin. First, it would cost money. Second, she didn’t like the feeling of lying inside.

When she passed the drugstore, she bought some medicine and went back to her bedroom to apply it.

The next day, Wei San went to the training ground with a smell of medicine to participate in the selection of shooters. Fifty people signed up, and the onlookers were all students who had entered the school team.

Today, Chen Ci was also present and was one of the judges.

“What did you do?” When Ding Hemei saw Wei San, she wanted to come over and wish her luck. Who knew that she would smell such a pungent smell of medicine as soon as she got close to her.

“I fell in the bathroom last night.” Wei San lied with her eyes open.

Ding Hemei looked at her up and down: “.……Your fall is quite serious enough, face to the ground?”

Wei San was unmoved and waited for the match to begin with half of her face injured.

Of the 50 candidates, Wei San was also quite “famous”, and from last week, the two 3S main members cheered her on.

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There were 600 full members of the school team and 300 alternate members. Most of them were looking at her. Naturally, they saw the injury on her face and discussed what had happened.

Even when Chen Ci came to explain the rules to the 50 students, she was stunned to see Wei San’s face, but she didn’t ask why.

It was common for a mecha soldier to be injured, and to prevent them from feeling special, unless necessary, they would not enter the treatment cabin and would feel very uncomfortable.

Chen Ci pointed to the 50 full simulation cabins in the training ground: “This competition uses simulation cabins. Once the environment and task are set, you can import your own mecha data and start.”

The fifty people went to the simulation module one by one according to the teacher’s name.

Wei San put the Blood Drop mecha necklace in the simulation cabin, then put on her helmet and lay down, waiting for the game to begin.

The reason why the school used the simulation module was that it was necessary to select shooters, and students would inevitably be injured. If the results are good, but the injuries are serious in the end, it will take some time to be cured in the treatment module, which would delay the training time.

However, the simulation module also has disadvantages for students. Although the simulation module almost 99% imitates the environment, it lacked a natural sense of crisis. Some students rely on that kind of intuition about crisis, so entering the simulation module competition has advantages and disadvantages.

The teachers were checking the data imported by the students. Chen Ci walked them in a row, stopped in front of the simulation module of the satellite, frowned and adjusted the pain on the data board to the usual value.

It was unknown how they lived day by lay, confused and careless.

Chen Ci was dissatisfied with Wei San’s careless behavior.

“All right.”

Several teachers checked, got up, went to the side, and pressed the start button.

Now, all the students have entered the simulation competition. The onlookers could see the contestants from the light projection above the simulation cabins in each row.

When Wei San appeared on the court, she felt familiar with the deep sea and red fish.

Wasn’t this what she practiced in the training simulation room before?

The next situation confirmed her idea, but it was not as difficult as before. It was like a low configuration level. Wei San was very handy. Big fish came out without any panic. She had dealt with it countless times.

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