WFILTU Chapter 488

High school acquaintances gradually distanced themselves, and college friends were like this, as if they can only look at everyone decadent.

On the side, Lin Zhihua reached out and touched her head: “what’s the matter? your mood suddenly became so depressed?”

Xue Jiao shook her head: “just a little reluctant to part with friends.”

Lin Zhihua chuckled, reached out and scraped the tip of her nose: “All the banquets will eventually end. Sooner or later, people will remember nothing because of various reasons. Then they will find that people they used to know have been neglected. They are constantly making new friends, and they are constantly alienated from their former friends. However, there will always be many old friends who insist that the distance is uncontrollable. As long as you don’t alienate them in your heart, you will still be as cordial as before when you meet again.”

Xue Jiao looked up at him, “did you have good friends before?”

Lin Zhihua was stunned for a moment, then shook his head, “No.”

When he was a child, he grew up and couldn’t get along with his peers. When he grew up, he focused on his work and didn’t really make friends.

He was such a person, it was difficult to give out his sincerity.

In this life, he only gave it to Xue Jiao.

Xue Jiao held his hand and looked at him with concern.

Lin Zhihua smiled at her, tightened her hand, and said with a light smile, “Don’t be too afraid of separation. Separation should have a track. As long as everyone moves forward with flowers and applause, each has its own way, and each is well.”

Xue Jiao exposed a relieved smile: “Ok.”

Lin Zhihua suddenly raised his eyebrows and his eyes were full of smiles: “but there is someone who can stay with you forever and never leave you.”

Xue Jiao was stunned at first, then understood, blushed slightly, and stared at him.

Lin Zhihua lowered his head and kissed her on the forehead.

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In the first semester of college, even if Xue Jiao was not as good as other students, she spent her daily time in the library just to review textbooks, but she still used her own performance strength to explain what is “you bully or you bully”.

After the school started, Mai Jiajia beat the satirical roommate’s face with Xue Jiao’s grades, stabbing the other party’s face blue and white. Only then was she satisfied to find Xue Jiao.

“Jiao Jiao, you don’t know how annoying she is. I used to wonder how she went to our school. She turned out to be a special student, but she only had limbs and no brain.” Mai Jiajia held a strawberry flavored lollipop in her mouth and roasted.

Xue Jiao also ate Mai Jiajia’s lollipop and shook her head. “Don’t waste time on her. Do you want to learn from any teacher? You’d better try to work on projects. Our knowledge is not all learned in books, but we should be able to use it. No matter what career you want to engage in in the future, it’s always right to learn professional knowledge well.”

Mai Jiajia hugged Xue Jiao: “alright, alright, knowing that the great God cares about me, it’s decided. I’m going to study with Teacher Lu. Teacher Lu is young and open-minded, and he’s not as difficult as your Professor Tan, and I think Teacher Lu’s character is very interesting!”

“Then that’s good.” Xue Jiao was relieved.

“By the way, it was said that you didn’t study hard by taking advantage of the aura of the number one scholar and only knew how to please the teachers by Zeng bin and Ge something. They said that you went to the physics department to post upside down in order to rub Zhang Han and Yang Zhan’s fame, and didn’t pay attention to our mathematics department!” Mai Jiajia told the rumors she had heard recently.

She continued to sneer, “it’s too funny. Your own fame is enough. What fame do you need? There are many joint projects with other departments, and these two people are jealous of you! I’ll tell you first, so that you won’t suddenly hear it in the future.”

Xue Jiao frowned tightly. Why are these two people so small-minded? The most important thing was that she didn’t seem to do anything to offend them except to refuse them, did I?

“But don’t worry, there aren’t many people spreading rumors. Everyone was busy and had no time to deal with such a thing. It’s only because I’m well-informed that I know everything.” Mai Jiajia patted her heart.

Xue Jiao frowned and couldn’t help saying, “I’ll ask them what this means when I have a chance! But thank you Jiajia, thank you for telling me this.”

“Thank you. We have such a good relationship. What is there to thank you for?” Mai Jiajia said, hugging Xue Jiao.

Ding Qi was busy going out for tutoring classes and exams, and there was only Mai Jiajia, her good friend.

Xue Jiao began to squeeze time every day after school. The project progressed quickly, and Chu Sheng almost threw his whole heart into it. Naturally, as a team member she couldn’t hold back.

But there were more sophomores classes than freshmen year, and the schedule was also very tight.

Hence, recently, Professor Jin crammed into their team four graduate students to work on chores, which really helped a lot.

Chu Sheng has been compressing his rest time. He didn’t listen to their advice several times, and they could only remind him from time to time.

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