WFILTU Chapter 489

That day, Xue Jiao went to Professor Tan’s office and noticed that many students who she didn’t recognize were sitting in 305.

Xue Jiao puzzlededly looked back and then took back her sight.

“Professor Tan?”

“Gu Xuejiao came ah. Sit down quickly.” Professor Tan smiled and went to the nearby water dispenser to get a glass of water for Xue Jiao.

“Thank you.” Xue Jiao received it with a smile, and then asked, “Professor Tan, what’s the matter with you looking for me?”

“I can’t find you if I have nothing?” Professor Tan looked at her with a smile.

Xue Jiao: “……of course you can.”

“Hahaha.” Professor Tan smiled and sat down across the table. “I just want to care about your recent situation. How are you doing?”

“Very good, just……busy.” Xue Jiao replied cleverly.

Professor Tan put down his glass: “It’s right to be busy. You should be busy at this age. It’s wrong to be idle.”

He paused and continued, “what’s the matter with your project? It’s been half a year, you can’t just stay in the physics department all the time. You’re there, Zheng Jiakun is there, and they’ve taken all the people I need.”

The last sentence was quite sour and discontented.

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Xue Jiao covered her mouth and smiled, then looked at Professor Tan: “Professor Tan, there are so many people around outside your 305, isn’t it enough?”

“It’s because there’s not enough that there are so many people. If you two are here, why would we be so short of people!” Professor Tan deflated his mouth and continued to sour.

“Our project should not be too long. The follow-up progress is a little too difficult. Now we can simulate it, and it’s time to publish a paper. Then there is their physics and machinery, and my senior brother and I can’t get involved.” Xue Jiao explained, “teacher, don’t worry, we can’t run.”

Professor Tan was finally satisfied and clicked on the list on the table: “everyone has left. I have to recruit a graduate student this year.”

Xue Jiao followed down his line of sight and happened to see two familiar names on the list, Ge Donglin and Zeng bin.

This fate……

“What are you looking at?” Professor Tan followed her line of sight that stopped.

Xue Jiao shook her head, “Two acquaintances.”

“Ayo, you busy man, do you still have time to meet your seniors? Come on, tell me about it for reference.” Teacher Tan picked up the list, approached it, and squinted at it.

Xue Jiao was silent for a moment, but she still looked up, telling the truth.

“It’s Zeng Bin and Ge Donglin. They wanted me to join their project on the application of Fermat theorem, but I refused. Then they applied to join our current project, and we also refused.”

Xue Jiao didn’t add insult to injury, just spoke flat out. Since Professor Tan asked her opinions, she didn’t need to cover up for two people she didn’t like.

Professor Tan frowned and commented seriously, “Opportunism and bad thinking.”

After the evaluation, he picked up his pen and crossed out their names.

Of course, Xue Jiao didn’t expect that Professor Tan not only crossed out their names, but also inquired about these two people’s temperament.

Finally, after the exchange between professors, no teacher was willing to take them.

Not only these powerful old professors, but also several younger teachers were unwilling to take them on.

This was what Xue Jiao didn’t expect.

She was busy with projects and studied all day and had no time to pay attention to these things.

That day, after lunch, she was ready to go to the laboratory to help again, but she was stopped.

“Gu Xuejiao——”

Xue Jiao looked back and saw angry faces from Zeng Bin and Ge Donglin rushing over.

“Was it you!”

Xue Jiao’s face cools.

“Gu Xuejiao, I really didn’t expect you to go so far. It’s enough you won’t allow us to join your project, but to even discredit us and block our postgraduate recommendation! How can you be such a person? Really shameless!”

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