SOOEW Chapter 371 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game XXIV

Luo Ying: “So what?”

Before long, Mobei Eagle saw the message she sent. He leaned against the green trees in the field and bowed his head to reply to her, “You saw the situation of Liu Yan, she is not the person they are looking for. If it was you, you might suffer greater retaliation.”

This time, she didn’t respond for a long time. A bandit little monster patrolled in the field and found him. It screamed and attracted other monsters. Mobei Eagle casually drew a feather arrow from the arrow bag behind him, pulled the string, opened the bow, and aimed at it at one go!

The bandit had an arrow nailed on its forehead, his tail feather moved slightly, and it suddenly fell to the ground!

At this time, her message followed, “I can give up the game.” Just seven shorts words, an unusual understatement.

Mobei Eagle: “……what?”

Luo Ying: “I originally played the game for you.”

Mobei Eagle was stunned, and the bow he pulled out again suddenly lost its accuracy, and fell into the idle weeds. The bandit pounced fiercely. He was caught off guard and it left a long wound under his shoulder with the broadsword. Blood gushed out. He dodged sideways to avoid another attack, and then several more jumped onto the treetop. The archer’s balance was extremely high. He stood on the treetop with the arrow pointing down and drew a distance. The bandits were once again in range.

After the bandits were solved, he just stood on the thick branch calmly. He sent out a facetime, but he waited for a long period of time before seeing someone pick it up. The body shape and appearance of Wen Ying appeared on the branch together, standing opposite him, like a 3D character in the movie.

“What’s the matter?”

It seemed that she was also in the wild, and he could hear the noisy words of her peers. It was said that she loved level training recently, either doing tasks or fighting monsters in the wild, and had great enthusiasm for holographic games.

He was silent for a moment and asked: “……are you leaving the game?”

“You want me to leave?”

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Shi Lan was not there. She tuned and released her skills at the same time, and did not forget to answer his words.

Fortunately, no one knew that she was talking to the president. Video call also had the function of locking. If the player was not ready to open it to others, others who would see her communication interface had a blurred view.


“I mean, when it comes time to make a choice, I’ll leave.”

“But you like this game very much……”

Halfway through his words, he suddenly saw a figure coming to her.

The person hung a pot of wine around his waist, and his bright yellow robe was not well worn. His collar was wide and exposed the bronze skin, and he was impressively the Prince Long of the Fentian guild. This time, others did not follow behind, but he came to find someone alone, which attracted the attention of the Wushuang guild members.

Ever since Ying Yuepo’s video was uploaded, the news about Wushuang Luo Ying and Prince Long has been spread recently, and many people were speculating about their private relationship,

He greeted the crowd with great enthusiasm and came to find Wen Ying and killed a monster for her.

“What’s the matter again?”

“I’m here to learn from you.” He asked solemnly, “Have you passed the ninth level of the task?”


“How did you pass it?! I’ve already tried it twice. If I pass it the third time, I can’t do it again.”

Wen Ying didn’t answer, but looked at him, “I’m leveling.”

The implication was, don’t disturb me.

Prince Long took a conscious look at the occasion, raised his eyebrows and said, “What does leveling count as? Your president is too stingy. Recently, there is a deep-water torpedo bomb in the store that can kill monsters in the endless sea. Do you want to kill monsters here yourself?”

Wushuang members: “……” a deep-water torpedo bomb was 100 gold, and a group of ten could be killed. According to their current level, at least a dozen groups of monsters must be killed before they could be upgraded, right?

Was there still time to join Fentian? !

“Let’s go, master will take you to level.”

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