WFILTU Chapter 490 – Family Dinner I

For a moment, Xue Jiao doubted whether the two people in front of her had brain problems.

Didn’t let them join the project?

Stop them from getting postgraduate recommendations?

Xue Jiao squinted and spit out a sentence coldly, “I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

As she finished speaking, she didn’t want to waste time on these two fools, Xue Jiao turned and left.

“You’re not allowed to go!” Ge Donglin grabbed her.

Zeng Bin was also spitting fire from his eyes and said angrily, “You dare not admit that you have done something? ! I asked Chu Sheng to apply for joining the project. He didn’t specifically refuse us at first. Did he refuse us immediately because of what you said? !”

Xue Jiao: “…….”

Zeng Bin continued to accuse, as if Xue Jiao had done something outrageous: “and this time, we have a high probability of being recommended as Professor Tan’s graduate students, and you meddle in the middle, resulting in the whole tutor circle not accepting us? !”

“Gu Xuejiao, you are really not a thing!” Ge Donglin looked indignant and stared at Xue Jiao.

Xue Jiao changed from a confused face to shock, and finally became like looking at the expression of the mentally retarded.

Her attitude has always been mild, but now she couldn’t help but hate them——

“First of all, why do you think it’s so easy for your two math students to join the physics department project? Just because Chu Sheng didn’t agree, you think it’s me who doesn’t agree? Well, I have to officially tell you, now I really don’t agree. Because I think you are not only weak, but also have some problems in your thoughts.”


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Xue Jiao interrupted him, “Secondly, what do you think you do that is provoked by me? Extreme personality? Not doing business? Evil intentions? Or do you spread rumors?”

Zeng Bin’s eyes widened, and his face became unbelievable.

Ge Donglin couldn’t help but say, “Why do you say that it’s us who are spreading rumors? !”

Xue Jiao looked at them and sneered, “It’s not you that say that I hold thighs and am snobbish everywhere? In addition, you have no basis to say that I blocked you from entering the project team and blocked you from maintaining research. These are rumors.”

She stepped forward and said in a cold voice, “Remember, this is the last time. If you come back and say these words in front of me, don’t blame me for sending you a summons! Spreading rumors also creates consequences.”

Zeng Bin and Ge Donglin were stunned and looked at Xue Jiao foolishly.

At this moment, they suddenly remembered that Gu Xuejiao was also said to be from a rich family.…..and still the sister of Cheng Mingze who became famous.

Xue Jiao just glanced at them coldly, then turned around and left, with leisurely steps.

She just doesn’t want to talk to these people with brain problems, but it doesn’t mean she’s a person with no temper.

It’s not impossible to sue them. Cheng Shuo’s company has lawyers, and Lin Zhihua’s company has a legal department.

She believed that if there was a real need, Lin Zhihua must be very willing to let her borrow his power.

Maybe it’s the threat of Xue Jiao that has played a role, or Zeng Bin and Ge Donglin still have to fight for graduate student positions from outside schools, and there was also the biggest difficulty in college – graduation, so that they haven’t come back to look for Xue Jiao since this time.

Xue Jiao has never been a person who will stare at others. She has always focused on herself, her family and people she likes.

These two people were a little annoying to Xue Jiao, and soon became passers-by in her life, with almost no trace.

So many years later, she was invited to a university to give a lecture. Zeng Bin stood behind the school leader, rubbed up and shook her hand. She couldn’t remember this face at all, but showed a polite smile, which led to complexity. Zeng Bin couldn’t say anything, and was soon pushed behind.

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