SOOEW Chapter 372 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game XXV

He came to find Wen Ying several times because of the serial task, and the others didn’t find it strange anymore, but it was the first time for Mobei Eagle. He silently looked at the scene displayed opposite of him. After they chatted for a few more words, Wen Ying dropped a  “later” to the virtual facetime and hung up the communication.

He couldn’t think of anything to say to her for a moment. After a day, he received her message: Don’t worry, anyway, I won’t affect the interests of the guild.

Whether it was the president of the Fentian guild or Wen Ying, who was famous on the latest “Qunfang album” of players on the Jianghu of the forum, both of them brought their own topics. Every date and meeting could cause a round of heated discussion in the world. It’s impossible to pretend not to see it alone.

The guild channel of Heifeng guild could also be seen gossiping, saying that they saw Prince Long with Wen Ying appear in the Endless Sea.

Endless Sea was a little further away from the residence of Heifeng guild, but the vice president was happy with the gossip, and he was still thinking about whether to participate in the gossip team of the majority of players, to watch the fishy relationship between the two people, and suddenly received instruction from the leader.

Duhuo: “… You ask people to watch closely and see what they are doing.”

Vice President Heifeng: “Them?”

Duhuo: “That stupid dragon (Long).”

Vice President Heifeng: “……Boss, this is?”

Duhuo: “Tell me when he rolls away, and see what the woman he’s with wants.” He paused and added, “Do you have anything you need?”

Vice President Heifeng: “Cough, that woman’s name is Luo Ying.”

Duhuo: “Oh.”

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Vice President Heifeng: “……”

What are you pretending for? !

He remembered that when the president of his family met someone for the first time, he accurately announced their names. Wasn’t it too late to pretend to meet strangers?

He suppressed his stomach, and his hidden worries surged in his heart. When Duhuo asked him why he didn’t go yet, he finally couldn’t help but advise: “Boss, she is a member of the Wushuang guild……”

“What about it?”

“Did you forget about last time?” He carefully worded, “It’s another beauty, and at the same time, she has an intersection with the both of you. I don’t know what’s going on with Fentian’s president, alright, I don’t know what’s going on with your side either, but according to statistics, there are hundreds of millions of people in a holographic game. How likely are they to meet both of you just by chance? Although you haven’t seen such a shameless person in life, it’s always right to take precautions, in case Wushuang is so shameless……”

Duhuo was in silence.

“Do you want me to inquire?”

Vice President Heifeng asked cautiously.

Wen Ying hasn’t seen Duhuo for a long time.

The account for the goblin profession was  difficult to maintain. She focused on leveling, soaring all the way to level 50. The more rare the account was, the more troublesome it was to do the promotion task. As long as other professions work on the tasks from level 50 to Daoguan, they could greatly improve their character attributes, and open the gap with people less than level 50. But even after completing the promotion task, the goblin profession still required a special prop to complete the transformation.

Their promotion task site was in a dilapidated temple. The scene layout was like the Lanruo Temple in the movie. The temple gate was dilapidated and crawling with cobwebs.

When Wen Ying arrived, she happened to meet Liu Yan.

“Luo Ying.” She greeted naturally with a smile, “I haven’t thanked you for the last time. I didn’t expect you also to be the rare goblin profession. We really have a fate.”


“By the way, I have quit Wushuang guild. At the beginning, I was forced into the guild because of a misunderstanding. Later, after the misunderstanding was solved, the president was misunderstood by many people because of me, and I really have no reason to stay……” she drooped her eyelids slightly, looked very lonely, and soon cheered up and said with a smile, “I’m in Wuying Pavilion now. You can come to me if you need me.”

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