SAPPS Chapter 114

Chen Ci smiled weakly: “after flattering, just stand aside.” Not saving worries.

Wei San followed good advice and retreated.

Nine more students came out one after another, and they got the remaining seats.

The end of the term is approaching quickly. The teacher has finished his class so she has been taking exams this week. Wei San has already designed Nie Haoqi’s mecha and asked the shopkeeper to help buy materials and parts.

There is no upper limit to the cost of making mecha, but Nie Haoqi doesn’t have high requirements for weapons. He is a heavy mecha and wants to install hot weapons. The energy consumption in the later stage is not within the cost range of Wei San. She spent most of her 100 million star coins on engines and joints, and found the most balanced data to design this mecha.

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There is not much money left in the back. Wei San doesn’t care about this. She can design mecha and practice her skills.

“You haven’t competed recently?” The shopkeeper stood outside the workshop and asked her, “It’s very rare to have a double cultivation of mecha fighting and engineering. It’s a pity that this is not an S-cgrade. Otherwise, I’m afraid he’s also an unknown genius.”.

Wei San put away Nie Haoqi’s mecha: “the mecha is broken. I have to make another new one.”

With experience from Nie Haoqi’s mecha, she should be able to handle it a lot more smoothly.

In the last Massacre Day competition, she saw the Death God’s mecha joint and never forgot the light gold material.

“Boss, have you ever seen that pale gold joint?”

“Joints, pale gold?” The shopkeeper thought, “yes, you want it, I have it.”

After that, he turned over a pale gold forearm joint from the counter: “and red, blue, green…”

At a glance, Wei San knew that it was not the same thing: “it was not this type of painted joint.”

Seeing that the boss didn’t understand, Wei San stopped asking. She had to go back and design her own mecha.


Whether it was day or night, the light golden joints always swayed in front of her eyes, and Wei San simply contacted Ying Chenghe.

“Light gold joints?” Ying Chenghe thought for a long time, “I have only seen golden joints.”

Wei San: “…… Not painted joints.”

“What is a painted joint?” Ying Chenghe asked earnestly.

Wei San: “???”

The two people looked at each other in the video, and Wei San slowly explained: “painting the joints is painting the joints. It is a fashion like painting the shell of a mecha.”

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